Mexico, with its flourishing tourism all around, gives an opportunity to the people all over the world to visit Mexico and enjoy the local treats and festivities. Mexico is renowned all over the world for its cultural diversity, traditional living style, and beautiful landscapes. Mexico houses many small and hidden islands which are still undiscovered by the tourists.

At Xoximilco the night becomes even more colorful with the sound of music, the traditional dances and cultural festivities all around. From the second you arrive, Xoximilco Cancun presents you with pure Mexican essence with food, snacks and gives you an amazing start to an evening full of emotions. Xoximilco Cancun lives by the night and hosts parties on boats and has become a favorite place for the fun and party loves.

Festivities of Xoximilco Cancun

The beauty of Mexico becomes more mesmerizing here at Xoximilco, and with a lot of fun activities it makes for an amazing evening, such as;

* Trajinera Boats – previously used for transporting flowers but now these beautifully decorated colorful boats can be rented to ride along the canals. And fun parties are hosted here on these boats or gondolas with music, snacks, and food.

* Live Music – These gondolas host the most fun parties on the water that includes a Mariachi band belting out Mexican tunes. Gives you an authentic taste of Mexico.

* Authentic Food – these boat parties not only ride around the Xoximilco canals but also serve flavors of the country with a delicious dinner with the distinct taste of Mexican Cuisine.

* Relive the 90’s – Sing and dance to the rhythms of the past here on Tuesdays and Fridays, in a retro night.

Relive the past and be in the moment both at the same time here at Xoximilco Park, where colors and festivities take you to a fun journey towards a rare chance to live Cancun nightlife.

Parks at Riviera Maya

Riviera Maya houses a chance to visit many parks and recreational places when visiting the area. Riviera Maya is said to be the hub of parks which include Xel-ha, Xoximilco, Xenses, Xenotes and many such parks.

And in this way, Riviera Maya becomes a very important corridor for the fun and adventure lovers as it provides the gateway to fulfill every traveling dream of a tourist.

Reforestation program at Xoximilco

Any impact of the park on the Cancun has been quite minimal. Now the authorities here are implementing a reforestation program with more than 100,000 native plants species to repair the damage done the park.

Xoximilco Has it All!

Tour Includes:

  • Round Trip Transportation
  • Mexican Carnival
  • Night Gondola ride through festive canals
  • Exquisite sampling dinner

  • Open beer and tequila bar, fresh flavored waters and soft drinks
  • Mexican traditional live music
  • Carnival-type games

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