Mexican wrestling

As if it were of mythological figures, amounted to the ring become same Olympus for a moment. Some are masked, other more, with his face uncovered, proudly display the scars of a thousand battles; It is the protagonists of Mexican wrestling, a sport with over 100 years of history that has permeated the popular culture to such a degree that many fans see in these professional fighters to real demigods facing off in a battle between good and evil.

The popularity of wrestling has spread to countries like United States and Japan, where also has thousands of followers who come promptly to each function. However, in Mexico has become a social phenomenon that derives in a cult sport.

The first fighter who hid his identity under a mask was presented under the pseudonym of El Enmascarado in 1934. It was as well as the next generation of wrestlers imitated the steps of the masked giving rise to new characters in the ring; thus appeared legends as El Santo (the Holy), also called masked of silver, and the Great Blue Demon.

In turning these two fighters took hold industry and culture of wrestling. His appearances in the film starring super heroes fighting monsters, vampires or malignant scientists alike are memorable. They were also immortalized in comic books and surf music boom was responsible for give a soundtrack to wrestling in the 60’s.

The acrobatic style of this combat melee allows the execution of spectacular flights in and out of the ring. The fighters used the ring ropes as springs for catapult against their opponents, making flights and falls are impressive and dangerous. In voice of the protagonists, the essence of the wrestling is producing and receiving damage. They tend to use different techniques to submit and force the surrender of the adversary, one of the most used is the famous “key”, which is practiced by exerting pressure on the body of the opponent with the force of arms and legs.

Like any professional sport, wrestling is regulated by an international organization: World Council of Lucha Libre, which has the largest number of fighters Guild members worldwide.


for a fighter, the mask represents more than a decorative item, then it becomes a very important part of their identity, even if you only use it to fight functions or public appearances. The mask is the essence of the character climbing into the ring.

Many wrestlers come to regard it as an amulet or talisman that gives them strength and power to face their rivals. That fighter who offers to give up his mask in case of being defeated by his opponent, suffered a precipitous in the preference of the public fall, since waiving this aura of mystery and power that it kept in suspense to the audience through the use of the mask. This is one of the main reasons why many fighters end her career prematurely.

The Arena Mexico

the sanctuary of Mexican wrestling is the Arena Mexico. It is located close to the Centre of Mexico. In this arena have been submitted the most renowned figures in the history of the sport, who left their mark in the memory of fans through epic duels. Currently remains the Mecca of fighters and the place preferred by the public to witness the spectacle.

Technical vs rough

when begin their career, them fighters must take the decision of belonging to the bando of them “technical” or them “rough”.

This division is the generator of all passions among fans. Technical wrestler represents good and adherence to the rules, while the rude personality is characterized by a transgressive attitude that seeks by all means to damage the opponent. The nature of the rough fighter is constant and gruesome provocation to rile the technician fighter. Don’t miss the opportunity to attend a function of Mexican lucha libre, you choose your side, we are confident that it will become one of the most memorable moments of your trip to Mexico

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