They say time stands still at Chichen Itza where the Mayan historical might is at full display. Imagine a society capable of constructing a marvel so advanced that the people of present-day world label it as a wonder of the world.

The idea behind these Chichen Itza tours is to help people witness the glory of old times when the times were peaceful and the minds way ahead of their time.

The Yucatan state of Mexico is known for its historical sites. Tourists from all around the world come over to see the beautiful pyramid standing with dignity in the middle of a jungle.

Here are some things worth looking forward to in Chichen Itza:

  • The Great Ball Court—this site is home to one of the oldest sports court in the Americas. A Mayan Ball game was hosted in the court. Stand in the middle of the court and experience the way things might have looked a thousand years ago.
  • The Pyramid—it is the main structure where an entire civilization converged to. A beautiful sight that baffles scientist and builders to this day.
  • The Sacred Cenote—Mayans believed in human sacrifice and the Sacred Cenote was where they took place. Witness the calmness it holds and the thousands of souls it buries within.
  • Las Monjas—a governmental place that has been constructed with great architectural and aesthetic sense.
  • The Observatory—this building will put a doubt in your mind and make you think where the Mayans in contact with aliens? See what it’s like and how it compares to a modern observatory.

There are several other important aspects of the building that will captivate you and make you want to sit at the peak and let all the energy in!

On the way to this historical marvel is Cenote Suytun which is much more than a cave. Covered by the ancient stalactites leaving an opening on the roof makes it looks like a natural teleportation portal. There is a walkway to the center of the stone where you can stand and wait for the light to hit you. Also, the bright blue water of this Cenote is deep enough for you to swim in it. Take a chill pill here and meditate.

Discover our Chichen Itza tours from Playa Del Carmen !

Start from $60 USD

  • Round Trip Transportation
  • Admission tickets
  • Guided tour in Spanish or English

  • Visit to Cenote Suytun (Swim)
  • Mexican Buffet Lunch (Drinks with extra cost)
  • Visit of Valladolid Town (Free Time)

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