Playa del Carmen is no doubt the fastest growing city in Latin America. While the Riviera Maya is the fastest growing tourist location anywhere in the world. With those two reasons, it is easy to appreciate why investment opportunities in real estate in this zone are flourishing. Tourism in Playa Del Carmen is currently the fastest growing coastal towns in entire Mexico.

Over the years, Playa del Carmen has enjoyed tremendous growth visible in all areas; commercial, retail, residential, and service. New condos developments are typically sold before completion, as experienced investors seek to get into the market as fast as possible. As a result, most condos for sale in Playa Del Carmen have appreciated before their completion.

Also, Playa Del Carmen is famous for having a European style and rustic charm that draw many global visitors and buyers.


Mexico’s property ownership laws have never been friendlier to foreigners, who have been engrossed by this country’s superb geography, warm climate, reasonable lifestyle and overall quality of life.

Mexico is recently rated as one of the top countries for investment opportunities in real estate development at the same time one of the safest for real estate investments. Foreigners can now own coastline land with Trusts held by Mexican banks. Same as in the U.S., the owner is the beneficiary of the Trust administers the Trust, and so controls the property. The owner may transfer ownership, lease or restructure the property at will. Foreign owners may also benefit from capital gains on sold property and can also instruct the Trust to pass on the property to unborn generations devoid of inheritance tax cost.

Foreigners may also have rental properties or other investment which own property though forming a Mexican Corporation owned by foreigners. In such a scenario, the Mexican Company, which would hold the title, legally owns the property and a Trust with a Mexican bank is not required.


Playa del Carmen speedy growth is encouraging high demands for housing and is driving prices higher continuously. Most new condos developments are being sold before their completion. Those getting in on time with pre-construction prices are enjoying the rewards with high increases in appreciation before their condos get ready.


• Mexico rank 6th most visited nation in the world, and 11th place regarding foreign returns earnings from tourism; in both categories, Mexico is the leader in Latin America.
• Hotels: From 1470 rooms in 2018, Riviera Maya now offers more than 38,477 rooms.
• The dynamism of the properties in Playa Del Carmen is particularly favorable, Kudos to the United States and Canada (5t,5% of the foreign investments), followed by Europe (9% of the investments) with Spain and Italy leading.
• Playa del Carmen is known as the epi-center of the Riviera Maya with its services, housing, entertainment, and commercial areas. The population of over 90,000 habitats is still increasing, with an annual growth rate of 26%, Which make it the highest in Mexico.

Playa del Carmen offers rewarding opportunities for real estate investment and rentals. Rental chances are superb for periods when the owner does not use the condominiums or villas.

Imagine Investing in a piece of this perfect Playa del Carmen real estate that produces much cash flow and retirement income while its property value skyrockets. Invest in Playa del Carmen now and enjoy tomorrow, get in touch with your Realtor now.

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