Whale sharks coming soon!

If you were wondering, Which can be one exciting thing to do in Cancun or Riviera Maya? Let us tell you, this is it!

One of the most enriching things we all can go through when we travel is witnessing nature giving a beautiful show. Every year, every summer for centuries whale sharks have visited the shores of the Caribbean Sea looking for warm waters full of plankton to keep surviving. They are pretty relaxed and harmless species of shark measuring up to 18 meters long.

Let us tell you we have something in common with them, Whale sharks and Humans love the warm and blue waters of the Caribbean Sea! They are animals that prefer warm surface water or areas where there are outbreaks of water with lower temperatures as this promotes the growth of plankton, which is their favorite food.

Among the most exciting activities that Cancun offers is the experience to swim with these giants of the sea. It should be noted that while doing this trip also might meet the devil manta, an animal of spectacular dimensions that adds a bright spot to the tour because of their size and behavior.
Dolphins and turtles are common during the journey to open your eyes because you never know what you’ll find in the sea.

While you swim near these animals you should follow the instructions given by the guide, as swimming with whale sharks is an activity regulated by the authorities in order to protect them.
is still excellent price and includes round-trip transportation to the hotel zone of Cancun or if you prefer, from the Riviera Maya.

Your whale shark experience is a few clicks away

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