Mexico is one of the most diverse and beautiful countries in the world. It provides a variety to its visitors in terms of sites, culture, traditions, and heritage. Filled with beautiful sceneries and different take on beauty when it comes to ruins and museums Mexico gives a perfect getaway opportunity. Mexico has plenty for everyone from perfectly natural cenotes and naturally beautiful islands.

Coba Maya encounter gives an unparalleled encounter with the native Mayas of Playa del Carmen of both past and present. Climb the great pyramid in Coba Maya Village, explore enchanted underground caverns and experience traditional Mayan life. It offers one of the most authentic insights to the Mayan Culture, ancient and actual world in Coba Maya Village.

Activities in Coba Maya Village

On a Coba Mexico Tour, you will find out that Maya is home to many wonderful cenotes and Ruins that remind us that how civilizations evolved there over time. Many small villages populated side by side it makes the visit all the more exciting and gives you the opportunity to experience more in less time. And here are some of the fun activities to do while your visit here:

* Ways of the Mayas – Learn the ways of Mayas from the local families and truly learn the authentic ways they lived their life.

* Coba Ruins – Explore the vast Coba ruins and climb the amazing Nohoch Mul pyramid, the tallest in Yucatan Peninsula. It is the only one still allowed to climb nowadays.

* Swim And Snorkel – Swim in the beautiful underground cenote and enjoy the pleasures of snorkeling underwater. Swim among various fish and floral species and relax to the fullest.

* Amazing Ball Courts – Experience two amazing ball courts used to play Mesoamerican ballgame these archeological sites.

Coba tour Mexico takes you to the amazing journey of Mayan civilization and allows you to learn the Mayan traditions up close.

Mayan Ceremony

Mayan Locals really cherish their traditions and their culture. And even after many years, they practice those traditions in the shape of different ceremonies and festivals.

These festivals and ceremonies make for an amazing experience for the visitors who are unfamiliar with them and it is a fun yet soulful way to relax the body and mind.

Three Kings Village

One of the villages in the Coba Maya is the famous three Kings Village. This village is surrounded by jungle and multiple cenotes. With perfect landscapes and eye-catching water bodies this village is a perfect spot for visitors to visit during their holidays.

Visit Coba Maya Village and Relive the Past

Tour includes

  • Round transportation
  • Entrances to the archaeological areas
  • Visit Mayan Villages
  • Specialized guide

  • Swimming in cenote
  • Traditional food
  • Lockers, Towels
  • Required equipment

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