Mexico is known for the mesmerizing experiences it offers. That’s the reason why people from all over the world visit this amazing country of adventures and aquatic activities. Over the past few years, many expats have settled in Mexico as it is a haven for culture and leisure.

The Riviera Maya region in Mexico holds several great sites. These marvels of the world attract people of all ages and backgrounds. One such is the underground river Playa Del Carmen. It takes you to below the surface to look at an incredible cave system.

This is an experience of a lifetime as you get to walk past a jungle and enter a cave that appears daunting at first. These caves are home to an amazing underground cenote and several other formations.

Some Important History Lessons

The word cenote means “sacred well” in Mayan. These sites were known to be entrance points to Xibabla—meaning the underworld. These cenotes were used as a water source when things went dry. At the same time, they have a very significant spiritual role for the Mayans.

Since these cenotes add up to a huge underground water system, their water has been consumed by local people for quite some time now. Many settlements in the past were made around these caves as they were a source of water for them. Moreover, they were also considered to be portals to connect to their gods and ancestors.

The Effects of These Cenotes on Visitors

People visiting these cenotes have mixed experiences. Some feel scared while others find themselves through the spiritual vibe these underground caves hold. The initial trek is through the jungle where you will get to see some of the most amazing birds and animals. This track leads to the entrance of the system.

Upon entering the cave, you will begin the second part of your journey. Entering the caves is totally different experience than what you normally witness in the Riviera Maya region. This is the site where the real might of cenotes can be seen.

These caves feel like a different world and people coming from an urban background feel the power of history and spirituality here. The water of these cenotes is crystal clear and you can take a plunge to leave all your worldly worries behind.

What Not to Do

As visitors, it is important that you respect the sanctity of this place. There are certain rules you need to follow so that you enjoy without disturbing other tourists. To avoid contamination, it is advised that you don’t wear sunscreen while swimming. Also, touching the delicate cenote structures is strictly forbidden. Lastly, don’t get carried away to stay away from accidents.

Underground River tour !

Our excursion includes:

  • Transportation in air-conditioned Van
  • Professional and Experienced Guide (ESP,ENG,FRA,IT)
  • Entrance fees for the Cenote
  • All equipment (helmet, lantern, water shoes, life jacket)
  • Bottles of water
  • Medical expenses insurance in case of accident

Pack your things:

  • Comfortable clothing
  • Swimwear and towel
  • Change of clothes
  • Closed-toe, comfortable shoes
  • Extra money
  • Water shoes (optional)

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