Your transfer to any place with just a click!. Uber the new option in the Riviera Maya

Certainly the times of the 60s, 90s already took them time, technology today is indispensable for anyone.
The 90% of services are published on a page or in networks social in Internet.

Our convenience and choice are located to so only a click of our tablet, mobile or pc.

The riviera maya is the place where thousands of people as your, are planning to travel in their next holiday.
If you have any questions on how to get to your hotel, condo or posada, we give you an excellent choice for your benefit.

Uber, the platform of transport more used in them State United and part of Europe, finally arrives to the Riviera Maya.

This is a platform Virtual that you offers rates unique in the market, to other of the service premier that you give, you will feel as safe as if your were driving yourself.
Your security is important to über during and after each trip. For that, Ubuer continue developing technology that helps to achieve that millions of trips are more safe each day.

Comfort, service, attention, speed is the motto of this company.
While we know that you for, the safety and comfort is your priority, so invite you to download the free app from the apple store or play store.
The application is simple in use, now you inform you as.
1 choose the starting point.
2 choose your destination
3.-Select payment method

Lastly you will receive confirmation of the car and driver that you will pick you up at the starting point.

The thousands of user that used this platform you can tell of their experiences.
Of course they are always pleasant.
To go to the work each day. Make a Word to the other side of the city. Take a flight to first hour of the morning. Out of drinks for the night. Go where go, relies on über for travel, without need of make reserves.
Über is adapts to all type of customers, you can choose between the range economic until cars luxurious.
Although these only are in some cities

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