The moment you think about a curbside appeal, beautiful long palm and coconut trees, as well as powdery white! Only one place comes to mind and that’s the sand on the beaches of the crystal ocean blue. Located some 80 miles south of Cancun on Mexico’s Yucatán peninsula is the town of Tulum, more and more people are buying houses every day. Thereby adding Caribbean coastline to their real estate portfolios.

Being a historical location engraved in ancient Mayan history, the tradition of the land holds that, the Tulum’s earliest settlers chose the name (Tulum which means Wall in Mayan) due to the giant cliffs which personifies its topography. Coupled with the combination of sky-high rocky cliffs as well as deep blue water surrounding it makes the area a pleasant place to call home.

Tulum, as well as its mystical charms, have attracted lovers of adventure for generations upon generation. And now thanks to this effect, a town’s authorities in collaboration with the Secretariat of Environment and Natural Resources Mexico’s ministry of environment launched the Tulum Eco-Community. The community is known as Aldea Zama and has been a source of attraction to visitors and residents year on year.

With the ability to purchase land or real estate not just limited to its locals but rather to everyone with the financial muscle to close a deal. This factor alone has helped transform the real estate market for this small Mexican Caribbean community. In addition, Pleasure seekers are charmed by the appeal of the Aldea Zama which means the city of dawn.

The town of Tulum, as well as its’ unspoiled Tulum Mexico Land, is blessed with year-round sunshine, fascinating archeological treasures, Mayan history and culture, friendly faces, exotic jungles, and pristine white-sand beaches. All of the attributes are much to the delight of the not just the locals but thee foreigners and tourists alike. Enclosed below are some of the listed houses for sale in Tulum.

Conclusively, one of the main triggers to the recent demand for houses in Tulum has come as a result of not only the touristic hotspots, welcoming people, as well as the town’s history. Rather, the creation and availability of international airport and the expanded highway from Playa del Carmen down to Tulum have been a massive influence towards all the town of Tulum is today.

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