Welcome to the first episode of my adventures, the adventures of Rubí! Today I will take you on a full day touring the Mayan roads on a fabulous tour that includes a visit to the archaeological site of Tulum and an exciting adventure to climb the top of the impressive Coba pyramid. Yucatán is the state of Mexico that hosts the largest amount of Mayan ruins. Although almost 200 years ago the world did not know about the Mayans, the vegetation had reclaimed its right extending and covering most of the Mayan cities, nowadays the Mayans are fascinating with their advanced knowledge they possessed for their time as well as by their art and his ability to erect pyramids with perfect symmetry. Join me in this adventure!

1st Step: Tulum

After a fifty-minute trip from Playa del Carmen in a minivan, we arrive at the archaeological site of Tulum, located about 5 km before the city of the same name. Once on the site, our guide Roberto explains the history of the Mayan site of Tulum in its entirety, as well as the specificity of its exclusive location, facing the turquoise Caribbean Sea.

tulum ruinas mayas

In the middle of the ruins, new inhabitants have taken their place: the iguanas. They measure about one foot and they lay a few meters away from us, really impressive.

iguanas en tulum mexico

Roberto takes us to see some of the different ruins that make up the site of Tulum. Each building is very well preserved and they all tell a different story.

visita a ruinas mayas tulum

We finish this magnificent guided tour of 50 minutes in “apotheosis” with the top of the site, the cliff next to the sea …. It is one of the most representative landscapes of the Riviera Maya! Roberto gives us about 30 minutes to walk around the place and take pictures. 🙂

tulum ruinas

Then we will return in the truck to take the direction of the Zacil-Ha cenote.

2nd Step: Cenote Zacil-Ha

After only fifteen minutes of travel, we arrive at the Zacil-Ha cenote. It is not very popular, which is appreciated. Roberto explains the importance of the cenotes in the Maya’s History, then we dive into it’s transparent waters. A well-deserved rest after an intensive morning in Tulum! In total we spent 45 minutes in the cenote and then we took our place again in the truck to go to the culminating point of the tour: Coba.

cenote zacil-ha

3rd Step: Coba

We arrived in Cobá around 2 in the afternoon. A buffet in the restaurant “La Pyramide” awaits us, the buffet is good, with typical Mexican food but also more classic European style.

coba tour buffet

The most important one arrives, the archaeological site of Cobá, which is located in the heart of the jungle. The main pyramid reminds me of the adventures of Indiana Jones, I love it, it’s my favorite Mayan visit to the whole region. Once we passed through the doors of the site, we found ourselves in the middle of the jungle. Pepe, our second guide, explains how our visit will take place.

Coba ruinas mayas

Some ruins are on the way to the Cobá pyramid, we stop in each of them to learn what was their use in the past.The guided tour takes about 40 minutes.

coba ruinas mayas

By the end of the trip, we have two options: go to the pyramid on foot, by bicycle or by bicycle-taxi. Like and adventurous, I choose to walk there with part of the group and the guide.

coba tour ruinas mayas

Once I get to the pyramid, I am impressed by its size. I have been told that it is 42 meters high, 12 meters higher than Chichen Itza. And the best thing is that you can climb to the top!

Coba ruinas de mayas

After a steep climb, I finally reach the top and the view is really impressive! The descent is sharp, fortunately there is a rope to help us.

coba mayas ruinas

After almost 2 hours on the site, it’s time to go back to Playa del Carmen!

Why is this tour is a MUST?

  • This tour includes 2 of the best Mayan sites in Mexico.
  • A cenote with few visitors and wonderful crystal clear waters.
  • Visit of Mayan sites accompanied by a guide certified by INAH.
  • Transportation from your hotel or AirBnb to Playa del Carmen included.
  • Buffet and water included.
  • Including tickets to the sites of Tulum & Coba and the Cenote.

Find this excursion to discover the 2 Mayan sites of Tulum and Coba, and a cenote! Click here.

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