Decades ago just a small town, sleepy fishing village, Tulum has grown into Eco- Friendly, Chic and bohemian destination that welcomes people with a particular and sophisticated style. Tulum, recognized for its turquoise beaches, stunning sunsets, and ancient Mayan ruins, is one of the Top sought-after destinations in the world.

Riviera Maya Growth Overview

Mexico has been developing its Yucatán peninsula since the 1970s. First, it was just a strip of sand at the northeast coast of this peninsula turned into a holiday vacation spot. This is how was born Cancún. Nowadays, Cancún is one of the most popular beach resort cities and has evolved into a place similar to Las Vegas just by the beach. All of these being key factors for attracting not only more tourist and visitors from North America and Europe than ever additionally is attracting local and domestic visitors.

The other element attracting more tourists than ever, both foreign and domestic, is this place has remained nicely outdoor the country’s trouble zones. Visitors, mainly, understand that Cancún and the Riviera Maya are safe and away from troubles that northern states suffer.

These kind of local vacationers are also becoming investors, broadening the real estate market. This is an excellent aspect for the actual property investor, as it approaches a wider pool of potential buyers whilst you ultimately determine to resell.

Over time, the Mexican government has worked to push the development of the south of the country, as the level of investment and the extent of travelers being interested in the peninsula has continued to grow. Travel along the nicely-paved road from Cancún south and you come first to Playa del Carmen and then, a bit farther south, to Tulum. Tulum is just emerging but growing very rapidly just like Playa del Carmen did.

Tulum. It, Chic and Bohemian City.

Tulum is a small coastal city approximately 90 minutes south of Cancun and only 45 minutes from Playa del Carmen. This small town is a projection of what Playa del Carmen was 15 years ago. The city of Playa del Carmen started out as a small fishing village however rapidly became a worldwide known town and tourist destination. 

Tulum offers the perfect combination of relaxation, tranquility, and style, yet can fill your day with numerous interesting and rich activities to enjoy.

Making an investment in Real Estate in Tulum has been drawing the eye of the world as a secure and appealing opportunity. Tulum, in addition to being named because the number one vacation spot in growth in 2016 by TripAdvisor, has also been recognized as one of the locations with the most exceptional beaches in the world. Definitely, the time to do a smart investment on Tulum is now.

Just imagine the income you would be earning now if you had invested in Real Estate in Playa del Carmen 15 years ago? This is why it is crucial to invest in Tulum now.

New Real Estate Developments in the Market

Tulum is becoming a No.1 spot for people attracted and invested in a healthier and more conscious way of living regarding the environmental impact. All of this changing the way construction companies and investor built properties in this destination also. Nowadays the Real Estate developments are being made with a high sense of environmental protection merging luxury with sustainability and better environmental practices.

We can see developments such as NUUCH located in Lúum Zama.Lúum Zama is a private community of 80,485 m2 located within the exclusive zone of Aldea Zama that offers a unique eco-chic lifestyle where 60% of the jungle will be untouched. Another amazing project in the process of construction is Aguasanta, born to honor the most important and sacred element in existence, water. It represents life, energy, flow, flexibility, and balance.

Tulum Real Estate with Coco Beach

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