Mexico is being recognized as one of the dream tourist destinations. With its booming tourism and diverse cultural and traditional environment, Mexico is currently the place to be for vacation and traveling enthusiasts. Mexico provides the tourists with a wonderful opportunity to explore its islands, rivers, and landscapes.

Join the experience rich in culture and tradition and get closer to Mayan culture in Coba Maya. Share its history and be a part of the true Maya community. This Coba tour Mexico takes you to the two amazing archeological sites: Tulum and Coba. Where Coba is considered to be one of the most important Mayan cities and Tulum is the only archaeological area in the Maya World built next to the sea.

Adventures Waiting For You in Coba and Tulum

Coba Maya and Tulum can be a lot of fun when you visit only if you have planned ahead, so here are a few suggestions for the things to do here;

* Archeological Zones – Both of these cities offer pre-Historic structures like pyramids, temples and aligned structures for astronomical viewing. A visit here will be a gold mine for history lovers.

* Swimming in the cenote – Take a refreshing dip into the crystal clear water of cenotes here at Coba and Tulum

* Maya Ceremony – Be a part of the beautiful and colorful Mayan Ceremony where local gather and thank their Gods as a part of their tradition.

* Tallest Temple – Climb the tallest temple in the Mayan world on the edge of the Caribbean Sea and gives you a perfect view of the sea.

These sites contain a perfect blend of History, Landscape, and Traditions. And they allow the tourists to relax and find inner peace.

Nohoch Mul

Coba Maya is famous for its ruins and sculptures and especially the Nohoch Mul pyramid. This pyramid is the tallest structure there and is open for climbing if you are up for a challenge.

The top of the pyramid is 7 to 8 stories high which gives an impeccable bird’s eye view of the whole area.

Emerald Community

Have an opportunity to live with the Mayans of this region and appreciate their customs and traditions. And live your life according to the Mayan household rules and discover the true Coba Maya Encounter.

Emerald Cenote

Swim in the beautiful emerald Cenote with lush green vegetation and turquoise water. Cool off in the crystalline water of this cenote as they have comfortable and easy access.

Tulum and Coba ruins & Maya Village with Coco Beach Tours !

Tour includes

  • Round transportation
  • Entrances to the archaeological areas
  • Visit Mayan Villages
  • Specialized guide

  • Swimming in cenote
  • Traditional food
  • Lockers, Towels
  • Required equipment

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