When you go on a trip, you generally have to make choices: Take only the useful with you? How many shorts? How many T-shirts? Will I still have room in my suitcase after putting all my wardrobe in it?… For young parents travelling with babies or young children, this is even more complicated. Indeed, even on holiday, you want your child to feel at home. But with the many restrictions imposed by airlines, in terms of weight limits or prohibited items, it is sometimes difficult to take everything you need for your baby. It is almost impossible to take large items such as a stroller or high chair with you without paying an extra charge and taking the risk of finding your damaged item on arrival.

On the Riviera Maya, there is an ideal solution to solve this problem! My Baby Traveler is a new company located in Playa Del carmen that offers baby items for rent. They deliver you where you want and when you want anywhere on the Riviera Maya, directly to your hotel, your AirBnb or other holiday rentals in Playa Del Carmen, Cancun, Tulum, Puerto Morelos, Puerto Aventuras… and even at Cancun Airport! They offer equipment of quality and well-known brands for rent at a low cost. You will find single and double strollers, folding beds, bottle sterilizers, car seats, high chairs, many toys, beach games etc. Anything you can’t, or can’t easily take with you in your luggage. They also offer a fairly interesting range of services: Babysitters 24/7, bike rental with child seats and car rental with car seat. Their office is located in Playa Del carmen, on Quinta Avenida between Calle 40 and 42.

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