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Xenses Park – Sensorial Theme Park

xenses park
xenses park
xenses park
xenses park

Xenses Park – Sensorial Theme Park

Lose yourself in an experience full of challenges for your mind, explore your feelings and become aware of everything your body can feel in Xenses Park!

Awake your imagination and challenge your perception in Xenses Park, where you can enjoy different scenarios, real and imaginary that will make you live a unique experience. Relive your senses and awake those you did not know you have through two fantastic tours by land, air, water and fantastic scenarios.

Xenses will play with your senses through simulations, sensory tours, diverse themed environments, circuits, zip lines, animals, 3D movies, swimming pools and artificial pools, slides and much more. All in order to confuse our conscience and remind us how important our five senses are.

Be prepared to let your mind play tricks on you, realize what our brain does and how incredible it is that we are human beings.

Only in Xenses you will experience sensory, olfactory, auditory and tactile experiences that will involve your mind and senses using elements of nature and the help of visual effects.

Get ready to live your senses to the fullest!


Tour Includes:

  • Round Trip Transportation
  • Park Admission
  • Inconsensible Circuit
  • Consensible Circuit
  • More than 50 fantastic scenarios
  • Optical illusions
  • Visual games
  • Gear for activities
  • Lockers and showers

Not Includes: Photos / Snack and Drinks


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Playa del Carmen, Mexico
5 Hours

per adult

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