One of the wonders of the Riviera Maya are the cenotes.

They are are natural pools of crystalline water of different shapes and types,some are inside a cave and other outdoors.

In all of them you can refresh, relax and have fun in a spectacular setting. They are natural wonders that feed streams and underground rivers located throughout the Riviera Maya.
The cenotes have been the scene of great importance to the Mayas since ancient times, as they were considered portals or windows to the world of the dead.

As is known, the Mayas, like many Mesoamerican groups believed that by dying people roamed a long way to the world of the dead, Xibalba, which is also known as the underworld.The starting point of the Cenotes’route is situated between Cancun and Puerto Morelos.
Throughout this path, you will find an ecological park home of most of the cenotes, the most popular Cenote Las Mojarras, the Cenote Siete Bocas ,Boca del Puma and Green Cenote Lucero.
Some cenotes have zip lines, hammocks and platforms to jump in. If you dare, you can dive in some of them, under the guidance of an expert.

If you prefer to stay on the surface, You will be able to relax, listening to the birds singing and feeling the tingling in the feet of small fish that come to give you gentle bites, creating a pleasant feeling.
The purpose of visiting this route is to enjoy nature: a journey to hear the sounds of the jungle, while knowing the flora, watch banana trees, sapote, pineapple, lemon, orange and papaya.
At noon, when the sun is at the top and illuminates the water, creates a spectacle of beautiful blue hues and sometimes showing the background.

The depth of these wells varies; There are 10, 30 and even 60 meters.

If your nerves invade you because you can not see the bottom, do not worry: it’s part of the experience.

The cenotes are safe places to swim, yes, always with a life jacket. To end the day, there is no better experience than a refreshing dip in an underground cenote 20 meters deep!!cenote-route-

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