Welcome to episode 4 of my adventures, the adventures of Rubi! Today we go out for a day to discover the Sian Ka’an Biosphere, one of the only ones in the world where you can observe turtles and dolphins living together in total freedom. Follow the guide!

1st step: Enter the biosphere in a Jeep

After approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes of transportation from Playa del Carmen, we sat in a jeep. This first part in a jeep is to enter the biosphere by the only road that is quite winding, sublime landscapes and iguanas that cross the road from time to time; Guaranteed safari atmosphere.

sian ka'an biosphere

2nd step: Arrival at the small fishing village of Punta Allen and observation of the fauna and flora.

After about forty minutes of jeep we are on board a boat with capacity for 6 people.

sian kaan

This first step by boat is done in the mangrove, we will observe the fauna and flora of this reserve with our guide Loomin; marine animals, dolphins, sea turtles …. This moment is truly magical.

sian ka'an biosphere dauphins

3rd step: Visit of mangroves and tropical birds.

The reserve of Sian ka’an is home to almost 300 species of birds, comorantes, pelícanos …. Loomin knows almost all species like the palm of his hand, it is impressive. Then we go by boat to the black lagoon, this lagoon is actually a kind of small narrow river with many birds in the sky and hanging from the branches.

4th step: Snorkeling along the coral reef

Then we will go to the coral reef of Sian Ka’an where we can snorkel with mask and snorkel (equipment included). This moment is really magnificent, incredible wildlife is under our feet and multicolored fish graze on our legs.

snorkeling sian ka'an

Then we return by boat to Punta Allen’s natural pools.

Step 5: Natural pools in Punta Allen

The natural pools of Punta Allen are actually a lagoon where we can walk for a hundred meters in crystalline waters that reach our size.

Then we return to the town of Punta Allen where a typical Mexican lunch awaits us on the beach. Then it will be time to take the road back to the hotel / residence through the beautiful and picturesque road. Return to Playa del Carmen around 6pm

Why is this trip a MUST?

– Sian Ka’an is one of the only biospheres in the world where you can see dolphins, turtles and lamentines in total freedom.

– It is difficult to visit the biosphere on your own.

– Transportation, snorkeling equipment, buffet and drinks included.

– Observation of fauna and flora with a certified guide.

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