Mexico is a country known for its amazing food, culture, and experiences. Its cultural diversity has something for everybody from all around the world. With all of this, combined with numerous touring spots and islands that tourists can visit, it is one of the hottest touring spots since the last couple of years.

Bacalar lagoon, characterized by its peaceful vibes, feels like a world away from the hotspot tourist spots. Discover the magic of this place, its traditions, and its charm. Once a passage for traders and real-life pirates seeking the treasure of precious Campeche wood, Bacalar Mexico is steeped in culture and history Bacalar houses multiple cenotes and a fort that houses a museum which will take you back in time.

Adventure awaits In Bacalar

To plan a vacation can be a tough job, so here are some of the highlights of adventures that will make your experience even more exciting:

Kayaking –Undoubtedly one of the best things to do in Bacalar is rent a kayak and go exploring Bacalar Lagoon independently.

Bird Island — Migrating bird species that hang out in this natural paradise include parrots, owls, and hawks. Stop off and see what you can spy.

Snorkeling — Because of the high visibility of the water, Bacalar Lagoon, Mexico makes for an ideal snorkeling spot.

Zip-lining—Just 15 mints north of Bacalar, Mexico, is an awesome adventure park where you can go zip-lining through the jungle.

Bacalar sailboat tour— another popular way to get around here in Bacalar waters is Sailboat. Among calm lagoon, clear blue water it is a heavenly feeling just to relax and listening to an abundance of wildlife all around.

Lagoon Bacalar is truly the most peaceful and relaxing site any traveler can visit. And most of all it has everything an adventurous backpacker can hope for. It just takes you away from every worldly tension out there and helps you center your soul.

Fort San Felipe

Built in the early 1700s to defend the lagoon from quite frequent pirate attacks, this fort is an impressive structure to wander around. There is also a small but interesting museum about the History of the area.

Esmeralda Cenote and Cenote Cocalitos

Cenote Esmeralda, famous for its relatively shallow water is perfect for kayaking and going for an early swim. This cenote provides a better and private experience for your visit.

Cenote Cocalitos, famous for its insta famous wooden swings and stromatolites which are the oldest living fossils in the world, both the places are worth visiting.

Route of Pirates

Pirates channel is a must for what to do in Bacalar. Notoriously used by pirates to hide out, can now be visited to hide from all the worries of the world, and to relax and refresh your soul

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