How to save money for your next trip? – For Canadians

Canadians have had an expensive year this time enjoying the sun and the beach at Playa del Carmen during the Winter in Canada, not because the price went up, but because the Canadian Dollar went down compare to the US dollar.

Don’t worry; here is a tip if you are planning to visit us for the next winter:

Some rentals companies in Playa del Carmen like us, only request you, when you are booking your condo for the following year, for a security deposit or a small amount of money, that means that you still have nearly one year ahead to save money and be prepared for your next trip.

Can you imagine the fluctuations of the international market during this period of time? The currencies are going up and down all the time. No need to be a great economist to understand what is happening and see when is the best time to change your money in USD. So let’s start!

The tools to spare money:

– A US bank account
The site Bloomberg

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