As an American or Canadian buyer thinking of buying a Mexico condo, you might ask yourself, “Why buying a condo on the Riviera Maya, where a good number of tourists have already pushed up the prices of properties?”

The answer is simple- this is the main reason why you should buy a condo in Riviera Maya. The area is huge, and growing success as a tourist center has brought businesses, activities, services, and lifestyle. And while prices are higher than they used to be, these very factors will assure you that you enjoy the best beachfront lifestyle possible, and as an investor, that there will be an ongoing demand for rentals and resale of properties, thereby improving the return.

The Riviera Maya is the stretch of about 75 miles of some of the world’s most beautiful beachfront between Cancun to the north and Tulum to the south, drawing one of the most flourishing tourist industries in Latin America and Caribbean. Cancun real estate was the first to establish itself as a favorite in the region with the establishment of this city in the early 1970s. For over45 years now, Cancun has offered beachfront condos, with remarkable views, the beaches are at your doorstep, and world-class services at their best also. Beachfront condos with ocean views can be found for as little as $85,000 U.S., up to about $1 million for a big four bedroom penthouse with every comfort you could think of.

Not quite long, the Cancun International Airport expanded with a second runway, giving it a capacity to sustain the wave of tourism increase projected from business and conventions (the newly added infrastructural focus for this cities promotion effort). The new airport and ongoing dramatic increase in tourism will continue to bring uninterrupted improved services to this city, adding to the exceptional lifestyle which already exists.

Looking at the far end of the Riviera Maya, the Tulum area, Akumal properties offers excellent condo options on the beach as well. While the price range is a bit lesser – about $350,000 to about $650,000 – these properties are directly on the beachfront, often in gated communities, and always in the serene and quiet atmosphere of this community. Just 20 minutes away, the location for a new international airport has in recent times been formally announced. The new airport will doubtfully bring growth and services to Tulum, adding to the many conveniences which condo owners in Akumal already enjoy in Playa del Carmen which is only 40 minutes away.

With the new and extended airports, ever renewed angles on supporting tourism, beautiful natural environs, and infrastructure to enjoy the area very conveniently, a condo on the Riviera Maya is well worth the price, don’t miss out.

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