Mexico is one of the most popular places to visit since last year and its visitors never seem to disappoint on their visit. Mexico offers diversity in its culture, traditions and beautiful locations that are so beautiful and neatly preserved by the officials.

Rio Secreto plus is an experience that combines adventure and nature together. Experience an amazing journey through the jungle, limestone caverns and underwater rivers that only few will get to see. Rio

Adventure awaits in Rio Secreto

Rio Secreto is a place where you do not want to miss out on any of the fun whether it is an adult or a kid, so in order for you to not miss out on anything here is a small must do list;

* Swimming in Cenotes – One of the most relaxing and calming things anyone can do is to swim, and what place better to swim other than an unground cenote with lush crystal water.

* Cliff Jumps – A more fun thing to do here to jump from a high cliff and into the refreshing water and there are plenty of cliffs alongside water to complete this task.

* Rappel – other than jumping into the water you can also use another cool and fun means by having an assisted descent in the cenote and into the water.

Rio Secreto Mexico is the place to be to spend your vacations. Whether you like your life to be full of adventure or you want to read a book by the beach Rio Secreto has got you covered.

Room of Peace

A light and sound show is organized for visitors with PLUS access. It is a show of light and sound projected on the walls of the cave, inside the cave.


The visitors are lowered inside the Rio Secreto cenote with the help of a rope and some assistance. It is a thrilling experience which ends up in a descent of more than 70 ft. into the water.

Mayan Ceremony

Before entering the cave you get to experience the traditional Mayan smoke Ceremony, for the safe journey into the cave and to chase away all the evil from the visitors and no harm comes their way.

Cycling into the Jungle

It is the fun and challenging experience that allows you to move freely around the tracks of the jungle whether you go fast or slow it is a fun activity to do nonetheless.

Experience an amazing journey through the jungle, limestone caverns and underwater rivers that only few will get to see.

It Includes:

  • Round Trip Transportation
  • Groups of 10 people máx
  • Cavern Expedition
  • Swim in underground river
  • Bikes and Rappel
  • Light and sound in cave

  • Specialized guide
  • Wetsuit and lifejacket
  • Helmet with lamp
  • Regional Buffet
  • Lockers and towels

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