Mexico is filled with naturally occurring amusement sites and islands that very few tourists know about and wildlife that can only be found here. Mexico continues to amaze its tourists and has been a favorite tourist spot for them for the last couple of years.

Live a unique adventure in Xenses Park Cancun in Rivera Maya. Xenses Park has plenty of activities that will take you on a fantastic journey through air, land, and water and freshen up your senses. Discover a nonsensical Mexican town that will test your balance, fast descent and multiple that apparently don’t make sense.

Activities waiting for you, here at Xenses Park

Plan to revisit your senses, and do it efficiently by trying some of the activities given below:

* The way of Dwarfs and giants – Get a new perspective on your size when you visit the way here. You will doubt your own size as going forward you will feel like a giant among small doors and windows but going back you won’t be able to even reach the locks of the doors.

* Town—A place where the laws of physics and logic don’t apply. Try staying on your feet while you understand the system.

* Slip and slide—Lay down and let the stream of water take you down where darkness and bright light seem to control the speed of your descent into the unexpected and refreshing finale.

* Bird flight—on a zip-line that fulfills your wish of flying. Open your arms as if they were wings or copy a superhero maybe?

Xenses park a perfect place for a vacation where every activity and adventure makes you question your own senses. It works as a refresher course for your senses to see the world from a new perspective

Xensatorium, El Eden and Xítrico Garden

Xensatorium takes you into a completely dark cave and lets you experience the beauty of multiple ecosystems without your visual sense. It lets you to “see” everything with your every other sense.

El Eden, as the name suggests, is a perfect cave where you can glance nature at its purest. The park holds a Xitric garden that invites your sense of taste and smell to Xenses.

Enter El Rehilete

Also called “The Pinwheel”, el Rehilete is a place that welcomes you to all the magic of Xenses. Here is the starting point to venture into two circuits of activities, and where the fantastic scenarios of the park began.

Rediscover your emotions at a park where wit, fun and amazement have no limits.

  • Round Trip Transportation
  • Park Admission
  • Inconsensible Circuit
  • Consensible Circuit
  • More than 50 fantastic scenarios

  • Optical illusions
  • Visual games
  • Gear for activities
  • Lockers and showers

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