Mexico with its booming tourism gives an opportunity to travel lovers an opportunity to discover paradise. Mexico is filled with undiscovered gems and beautiful places to visit. With beautiful landscapes and mystical water bodies, Mexico is a place to be, to relax and be one with nature.

Ruins of Ek Balam cenote have become popular in the recent times because of their late arrival to the tour scene, and recent restoration work makes this place one of the most innovative archeological sites in the area. Ek Balam tour allows you to carry fun activities and appreciate the beauty of typical towns

Activities at Ek Balam

For the people who want a quieter touring spot, Ek Balam is a perfect place and has much to offer and here are the activities to do there to make your visit worthwhile;

* Climb the structures – climb the tallest structure, The Acropolis, as it is open for climbing, about eight storey high, this structure gives an amazing view of the whole area.

* Archeological zone – in this zone you can enjoy 45 well-preserved structures. These structures and temples tell magical stories and take you back in time and give an interesting perspective on time.

* Stucco Sculptures – These structures are extremely rare to be kept in their original condition. But these stucco sculptures can be found here in all their glory and can be appreciated.

* Learn about Mayans – These ruins and sculptures tell a lot about Mayans and their cultures so a visit here will be a lot meaningful and informative.

Ek Balam houses a lot about one of the oldest civilizations and is a perfect touring spot for archeology, architecture and history and history lovers alike.

Mayan Ceremony in Ek Balam

Ek Balam is one of the few locations that still preserve the Mayan culture in its walls, also is home to typical ceremonies Mayans perform.

One of the ceremonies locals perform is the Blessing ceremony. It is a beautiful display of colors and traditions that are associated with Mayan culture.

Cenote Maya

Cenote Maya is a beautiful cenote with a lot to offer. Trepachanga is a hanging wooden bridge with two ropes on the side gives a thrill to the travelers.

Liana de Tarzan, are the long vines hanging from the ceiling of the cenote. Use these vines to swing into the water and feel like Tarzan.

One of the things to experience here at Cenote Maya is abseiling. Where some caves can only be accessed only through descent with rope.

Discover Ek-Balam & Cenote Maya !

Tour Includes:

  • Round Trip Transportation
  • Small groups
  • Certified guide
  • Entrance to Ek-Balam

  • Traditional lunch
  • Rappel
  • Swim in Cenote Maya
  • Gear, Towels , Lockers

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