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Meet & Greet: Guest Solution

Coco Beach Rentals offers homeowners a variety of contracts with clear contractual conditions that ensure successful partnerships. The most common guest solution chosen by our customers is the Meet and Greet Solution.

For each booking made through Coco Beach Rentals, we will give to the owner and our customers the following services:


Meet and Greet

We wait for the guests at the flat for the Check-in and show them everything they need to know before giving the keys!


Attending Guests' requests

We answer all inquiries very quickly and make sure the guests have all the information they need.


Concierge Services

We help the guests with all the needs that they could have during them stay. Book a taxi,a table at a restaurant or a spa...


Checkout and inventory

We meet the guests at each check out to pick up the keys and check that the flat is exactly in the same condition as before the booking.


Reparation and Maintenance

We are offering to the owner, during the stay of our guest, to fix all possible damage that could happen in less tan 24 hours.


Check out Cleaning

After each booking, we will send our team of cleaner to leave your place spotless.

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