Packing for a vacation can really throw a wrench in your works but we will advise you a bit of the Must-have items for your trip. You plan to pack light but piles of stuff keep mounting alongside your suitcases. Since you can’t take everything with you, we’ve put together this list of must-have items for your trip to Playa del Carmen. You can also review our blog to read some other posts with tips you can use for traveling to Mexico.

Add these 5 must-have items to your bag for your trip to Playa del Carmen

  1. Your debit/credit card. Mexico only allows travelers to bring $300 worth of goods or cash into the country. You’re better off bringing just enough cash for your immediate travel expenses. Using cards for purchasing transactions often gets you the best exchange rates and lets you skip the middleman’s fee.
  2. Duct Tape. Be your own McGyver. Roll 2- or 3-feet of duct tape around a pen. This can come in handy for broken suit case handles, shoes that separate from their soles and many other things you may need to fix before you can find a replacement.
  3. Copies of your passport. Remembering your passport is important, but we recommend bringing copies of it as well. Keep one in your purse or wallet and another in your hotel room, suitcase, etc. Should something happen to your original, it’ll be much easier to replace if you already have all the information with you.
  4. Prescription bottles. Don’t knock yourself out getting prescriptions sorted into your weekly-designated box. Customs agents want pharmaceuticals in their original prescription bottles. Bring the days-of-the-week case with you and sort them all out once you get there.
  5. Electronic adaptors. You’ll have no problem finding sockets in bigger cities and tourist destinations, but if your trip takes you to more rural areas or pueblos, an adaptor will allow you to plug in three-prong devices.


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