To Americans, Canadians, and foreigners considering buying beachfront property in Mexico, there is good news as there are some excellent beachfront locations at very affordable prices. With many soon to be retirees seeking for a warmer climate to compensate for the cold winters, there is only one place to visit and that is the Mexico beachfront.

In comparison to living in Mexico’s beachfront, living in the popular U.S tourist destinations like Florida or Arizona is very costly especially when it comes to property prices and in the cost of living. Making it a wise choice to look further south of the border; purchasing a beachfront property in Mexico offers a perfect balance between being relatively close to home, having access to excellent infrastructure and services, while avoiding the high prices of back home.

After thoroughly glancing through the listings in Mexico, one may be tempted to ask about the availability of a cheap Mexico oceanfront real estate? Mexico’s beauty, rich culture, convenience as well as the many benefits that come with living in Mexico has over time being a source of attraction to many North Americans and Europeans, which has intern boost the high-end luxury market which is on the rise.

Although beachfront resorts in Mexico’s most sought out locations run into the millions, its prices are considerably low, especially when compared to properties of the same attributes in both Europe and the United States. The prices alone turn to leave many of us scratching our heads, and thinking maybe we’re better off just putting up with cold winters in a grey climate back home.

Unlike like in the United States, with proper search and inquiries into Mexico’s real estate market you may turn to realize that there are excellent options available for much smaller budgets. This is evident as with just $60,000USD you can own an oceanfront lot on a wide, white, sandy beach, just down the road from Mexico’s ancient ruins, with views of its beautiful colonial cities and other luxury beachfront resorts with all services and hookups ready, and guess what! “Building permit inclusive”. This, of course, sounds unrealistic but is a real and a possibility in Mexico.

While Mexico is much closer especially when compared to other beachfront avenues in other countries. It even gets better as there are direct flights from lasting about 2-5hours from a growing number of international airports in Mexico to most U.S. and Canadian cities. In addition, there are great deals on offer considering there are stop-overs are also available, which makes a trip from Cancun in Mexico to Toronto cheaper than a trip from Toronto to Phoenix in the U.S.

Summarily, Mexico’s real estate beachfront amongst other things is possessed excellent infrastructure (roads, health care), etc., shopping at large international and Mexican stores, as well as many smaller local shops that offer shopping bargains for residents. In addition, there is also a significant community of North Americans who have already made the choice to live in Mexico and live in a comfortable, welcoming relationship with the Mexican nationals.

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