Should in some of in your life decide to invest, work, live or retire, there are very few places in the world that turn such dreams into a reality and guess what? It is the Latin American country known as Mexico. The country is home to lots of exotic locations as well as areas where you can get the best possible deals for a listed beach property to those in Canada and the United States.

In recent times, there have been misconceptions plaguing the Mexican real estate market. They range from the following points:

  • Foreign buyers cannot buy properties in Mexico
  • The people of the country are not the most friendly
  • There are drug sales on every corner of their cities
  • Never trust their real estate agents
  • Buying a property in Mexico is for an individual with certain recognition and international acclaim (global stars, politicians and business tycoons)

With all of this thought and assumption, what best way tweak peoples mindset a little other that elaborating on these points.

Foreign buyers cannot buy properties in Mexico

Far back as the beginning of the 19th century, foreigners were not allowed to acquire property in the country especially beach property. This has changed immensely in recent time as people of all race, background, and cultural heritage can now boast of owning a beach property in the country. All of this was made possible today and Mexico has now become one of the most visited locations in the world and all of that is attributed to its fun beaches, caves, forest reserves as well as the people.

The people of the country are not the most friendly

This is completely not true as the people of this Latin American country are just so loving and welcoming to people. Maybe that wasn’t the case before but this mindset has drastically changed in recent time since most of their town started receiving millions of tourist each year.

There are drug sales and consumption on every corner you look

Like it is the case with most Latin American countries, their drug industry is booming but don’t let that derail your ideal for this country. The countries forces of law and order are on very high alerts especially when it comes to this illegal industry.

Never trust their real estate agents

It is funny to think that a country like Mexico has not got agencies that deal in everything real estate. Of course, they do but they are not as popular like the once in Europe, the US, and Canada. So to be on the safe side, make sure to get valid recommendations from locals around before you seek the services of an agent.

Buying a property in Mexico is for Individual with Certain Recognition and International Acclaim (global stars, politicians and business tycoons).

This is just so not true as the country is biased when it comes to foreign investments. They care less about your class or social status, reasons why there is property available for sale to everyone with the means and capability to acquire it.

The beauty, convenience, and rich culturally diverse location among other benefits of owning a Mexican beach property have attracted many North Americans and Europeans over the years leading to a growing real estate market. The country has a rising economy despite the presence of trade threat alterations from the U.S. The Housing market is seen growing faster in 2018 than was predicted by experts.

All of these is evident today as both national and international buyers are racing towards to Latin American country to have a taste of it offering and why not purchase a beach property of your choice. Don’t be deceived or fooled by what people say especially when referencing the prices of Mexican beach property because you will be surprised to know that you can find a better and less expensive beach property here than in most U.S and Canadian cities.

All you may need is just the services of someone who knows the ins and outs of the beach property market in Mexico. This will go a long way uncover for you the options available which of course suits or matches your budget. Imagine that, at just $55,000USD, there is a possibility for you to own a beach property with white, sandy beach, just below the road from Mexico’s ancient ruins, with many exciting activities. Waoo…of course this is mind-blowing but and also very true and possible.

To make it more interesting, there is a significant North American community in areas where you can find more affordable beach property. And as a plus, the owning a beach property in Mexico feel like a home away from home as they are many U.S citizens living there, coupled with the availability of direct flight from the growing number of international airports in Mexico to most Canadian and U.S cities. Another significant attribute lies in the fact that the communities around the beaches have excellent infrastructures. Ranging from roads, healthcare, etc. as a plus, shopping easy with large Mexican and international stores, as well as many other smaller local shops offering great bargains for residents.

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