Just 90 minutes south of Cancun lays Tulum. A city that is known for its white beaches, yoga, the Mayan ruins, and amazing restaurants covered with the jungle. Over the past few years, Tulum in the Riviera Maya region has been the center of in Mexican tourism.

People looking to break free of their daily routines head towards this welcoming city and can be seen spending leisure time on the beaches and in the cafes. Travel 25 miles away from Tulum and you’ll be at Coba—a city which is considered to be one of the most important trade and cultural center of the Mayan era. Here are a few reasons why you need to visit these cities through the many Tulum and Coba tours from Playa Del Carmen is a must.

Why Visiting Tulum Will Change Your Life?

If you are looking for a break from whatever’s happening out there, you need to set yourself free by taking care of yourself. The best place to head out to in Mexico is Tulum. Here are some reasons how a visit to Tulum will change your life.

• You have plenty of time to think about things and figure out a game plan for your return.

• Lying on the soft beaches and taking a plunge will help you heal emotionally and physically.

• Tulum is known for people practicing Yoga. Try it out as it might help you look deeper into your soul.

• Visit the many Cenotes and spend some time drenched in spirituality.

• You can get partying as Tulum is also known to be a great party center.

• The amazing food will ignite your taste buds and you’ll forever fall for the Mexican cuisine.

• The Mayan ruins in Tulum will cast a spell on your eyes and you’ll be kept craving for more.

The city of Tulum will help you relax and make you a free thinker as you’ll be seeing and meeting people from all over the world. The city of Coba, on the other hand, has a different approach. It is for the wanderers and the lost. People who are fond of history would fall for this city as it holds amazing Mayan ruins.

You will have to make your way through the jungle as most of the sites are located in the center. There are different vertical stones found in certain areas that are of significant historical importance. Also, there are many cenotes in this city and you can ride a bicycle to every historical place.

These Tulum tours will help you dawn onto a new beginning and most of them will end at the Playa Paraiso— white sand beach with several eateries to help you relax after an amazing journey.

Discover our Tulum Coba Cenote tour !

  • Round Trip Transportation
  • Visit of Coba’s Ruins
  • Visit of Tulum’s Ruins
  • Free time at the archeological coba and Tulum

  • Free time at the beach
  • Guided tour
  • Mexican Buffet
  • Profesional Guide

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