Story time!

Let me tell you about the legend of the little spirit people called Aluxes.

In the corn fields of Yucatan, there are little people called Aluxes who care a lot about how they are treated by humans. So, if people were to come into their territory and spit obscenities or offend the local inhabitants in any way, the little Aluxes would send a gust of diseases, quite often fevers and delirium, all carried by the wind, also known as “bad air” in Mayan. However, if the Aluxes were offered food and treated politely, they would take care of the fields and generate good harvest in return.

Their appearance isn’t unlike children wearing sandals, they have dogs and live inside caves near cornfields or in the bush. They are not bad spirits but just like children, sometimes they like to play and run all over the place.

It is said that these beings are descendants of the Dwarves of Uxmal who were created, out of clay, by old Mayan priests.

The priests would collect mud from caves the virgin caves wherever women would walk. They would then put the mud to rest for nine nights with a potion made out of honey and wildflowers before giving it another nine nights on top of an altar, away from direct sunlight. They would finally spread out these creatures around the woods with songs and prayers, asking for them to care about the crops. The dogs that accompany them would be made in the same fashion.

Today, it is said that these little beings emerge from the caves at sunset only to come back when the sun rises again.

Another story told by the peasants about these little creatures is that if you want to use them to guard your crops, you have to make a offer a little house for them. Seven years later though, you must conceal the house by sealing its doors or the Aluxes will start to act up against those who attracted them.

There are many stories about people who came across Aluxes. Some of these stories portray good experiences and others not so much, depending on the treatments the little creatures were given.

According to the legend, it is important that those who receives ‘bad air’ must see an expert H’men or anyone who tries to help and cure them will also be affected by the same disease.

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