It’s a small hidden restaurant located in the downtown area of Playa del Carmen. Its size just proves that good things come in small packages.
Among the gypsy style environment hides a great mystery to be discovered. Le Lotus Rouge, is a world to wonder, a place for art. Natasha,the owner, invites you to be part of the place, you can share your art or just enjoy your stay.

Has a central courtyard with a large mirror that gives the illusion to be bigger than it really is, pillows on the floor, cloths of various colors, makes the perfect setting.Its diversity allows your creativity to flow, either enjoying a great conversation amog friends, or discovering your true talents with their themed nights. There is live music, refreshing cocktails,exquisite food, a good place with a bohemian style.

You will not regret this experience, allow yourself to transform into an artist. Playa is proud to have such a nice stablishment, with different cultural proposals such as shows, workshops, karaoke. Discover this oasis of inspiration and creativity, the perfect place to reach other dimensions.

Some comments about it:

The way in which you look visually at a piece of art is most always a form of direct manifestation of the intentions of the artist. When you are able to directly FEEL involved in the dynamic process of an art piece it changes your involvement from Observer to Participant. The most beautiul thing about entering Le Lotus Rouge is that you are entirely immersed in the artistic concept of Natacha, the charasmatic and charming artista/owner/visionary. I have never experienced such an artistic high from walking into an establishment, and combined with the delicious international cuisines (which include delightful vegetarian options), and frequent live art performances, it is like a dimension away from your dimension. I will never forget the way this place made me feel. Thank you Natacha for creating such an inspirational and creative venue for all of us artists to truly feel at home.

A magical evening! Let’s start with the food (which was great)! We had the tuna – which as well as the eggplant and red pepper appetizer were delicious. Friends had an order of octopus and cheese rolls, along with salmon, which were both also delicious. After dinner, we were pleasantly surprised by a musical set (an eclectic guitar and accordion duo), followed by Hawaiian and Maori dance performances. As for the decor, you need to experience it for yourself. Natasha’s work of art is unique, eccentric, fun and funky!

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