Every country saves its treasures where they can be preserve through time.
The thousands of years that pass through these places have made a majestic place where we can contemplate the beauty of our planet.
Today is the turn to talk about a beautiful place for its fauna and flora, even if the name is “Las Coloradas”.
Located in the northeast of Playa del Carmen in Yucatan Peninsula, this small town is not well known.
The amount of salt and microorganisms makes the water dye in a very peculiar pink shade.

Las Coloradas is one of the most important salt extractions places of the country since the pre-hispanic era, imagine the history behind!
The water from the sea is restrained into small creeks so it evaporates and the salt can be extracted and comercialized.
This provides one of the most amazing landscapes you can see on our planet. When the salt begins to concentrate you will see that the water takes copper shades and later, when almost all the water has evaporated, takes a tone as Strawberry Yoghurt which is quite impressive.
This place it seems to me so beautiful, due that it keeps the charm of small town without big constructions, big hotel franchise, is a calm place where the local people is really friendly. Near by there is Lagartos River or in San Felipe you will find restaurants where you will see people that know hundreds of ways of cooking fish and seafood, believe us, they take the word “variety” very seriously( and is greatly appreciated)

Most of the population are fisherman of lobster, octopus and shrimp, imagine the delicious food you will find at very accesible price ¡
Prepare your eyes and paladar for this adventure! We hope you enjoy this post and book with Coco Beach Tour the experience to visit Las Coloradas!

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