Today, I want to talk to you about the Goddess Ixchel. To do so however, we need to get a couple of things straight as to avoid any confusion.

The Maya’s belief is that they came from the Pleiades, way far in the universe. They consider themselves to be part of the galactic community and have a specific mission: to be in communion with “the mother.”

Ixchel is the Mayan Goddess of fertility and medicine and is also known as the rainbow Goddess. Her dedicated temples are in Isla Mujeres and Cozumel Mexico. They align with the feminine properties, the moon, fertility and the power of healing which is characterized as a feminine power in Mayan beliefs.

Knowing those, it is easy to conclude that being in communion with the Goddess Ixchel is an indirect way to be connected with the pleiades.

Ixchel was the main Mayan goddess and she would represent different aspects of sacred nuclei of terrestrial and celestial order: Mayan Goddess moon, companion of the sun and a deity of creation. Her influence was manifested through the tide, water and consequentially through moisture. She therefore had influence over fertility, procreation, birth, divination and tissues.

Young women would ask for favors and pilgrims would come to sanctuaries dedicated to her in Cozumel to ask for pregnancies and successful procreation, childbirth and medicine.

Five hundred years ago, the Mayans crossed the Cozumel Xcaret  channel with canoes made out of oak trees. The trip was part of a pilgrimage to the shrine of the goddess Ixchel whose remains are now in the ruins of the San Gervasio Mayan settlement. The point of departure for that pilgrimage was the ancient city of Xaman Ha, now known as Playa Del Carmen. Women all throughout the Mayan region came to be part of the voyage, making Playa an archeological site with remains of the trip’s exceptional gathering.

Nowadays, although there are new currents of spiritual thoughts towards many deities, the Mexican population keeps a stronger bond with the Goddess Ixchel. They talk to her in their meditations and  try to connect with the essence of fertility and maternity.

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