To many people, the Caribbean is a never-ending white, sandy beach which harbors turquoise waters and lots of Palm trees and of course a wonderful location to spend your holidays and for relaxation. This is evident today with regards to the recent developments over the last 20 years in Playa del Carmen, which has made Mexico a great place for real estate opportunities and also a perfect location to find homes for sale.

Widely regarded as one of the most popular destinations in Riviera Maya, this area is blessed with beautiful beaches which come along with activities such as biking, snorkeling, kayaking and more. One of the city’s main tourist areas is the Fifth Avenue offers posh boutique hotels, shopping, nightlife, world-class restaurants and bars all which can be explored not just by the city locals but foreigners and tourists alike.

The city of Playa Del Carmen is the center of the Riviera Maya. Meaning it is one of the most visited tourist destinations in the world. Reasons why there is a high demand for vacation properties as well as second homes. And of course, there is hardly a better place to invest money into Real Estate than Playa del Carmen. Here are some of the homes for sales in the city of Playa Del Carmen.

Mare Condos (USD $ 139,000)

At just USD $ 139,000 you can officially live your Caribbean dream and why not re-experience a sense of destiny in Mexico’s Riviera Maya should you decide to buy a house. This beautiful edifice is located just some minutes south of the Cancun International Airport and just an hour north of Tulum and of course, it is well furnished to meet your unique needs.

Soul 52 studio (USD $ 140,000)

With USD $ 140,000 in Playa Del Carmen, you can own a luxury condo. This beautiful house is designed to deliver a tremendous return on your investment in one is commonly regarded as one of the fastest growing cities in Latin America. It is documented that, this house was built by one of the Riviera Maya’s most reputable developers which makes it an ideal home for family vacations.

Zulim Park (USD $ 157,000)

This luxury condo for sale at Zulim Park is situated in an ideal location in the heart of downtown Playa del Carmen. It is designed to function as a charming boutique hotel and residences, providing an excellent return on investment through vacation rentals (personal discretion). Although getting a house is a huge plus it can also generate for you lots of money through its rentals.

MOMA 42 Turn-Key Condo USD ($ 199,000)

This turn-key, one bedroom condo in the brand-new MOMA 42 development has been wrapped into the perfect package for an investor looking to diversify his portfolio and have a great place to vacation.

The Boat USD $ 135,000

Situated just steps from the Mexican Caribbean Sea and Fifth Avenue in downtown Playa del Carmen, the Boat Residences contemporary luxury condo. As the name suggests, the project is designed with architectural language subtly inspired by an anchor and a boat, creating two main landmarks.

Ipana USD $ 164,900

The luxury condos for sale at Ipana the Ipana is located within the Siempre Playa real estate development in midtown Playa del Carmen. It offers easy access to trendy restaurants, bars, boutiques and coffee shops, along with an impressive list of services and amenities, all designed to enhance the quality of everyday life and provide an excellent return on investment. Some of the amenities placed at the residence include a state of the art gym, air-conditioned rooms, and excellent views.

To conclude, the city of Playa Del Carmen is not one of the most visited tourist destinations in the world because of its name alone. Rather its popularity has been boosted due to its exotic location, history as well as the people that call this city home. Add the city of Playa Del Carmen on your list of potential cities to visit and why even buy a house and thank me later.

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