Helpful phone apps for your trip to Mexico

Improvements in technology have certainly changed the ways we research and book our vacations. Now, smartphones have taken it a step further with apps specifically designed to assist travelers before and during their vacations. If you’re planning a trip to Playa del Carmen, here are some phone apps you may find useful

TripIt – Once you make your travel reservations, just forward all your confirmation emails to TripIt. This app will compile a single itinerary and you can easily reference it on your phone. It  will include suggestions for restaurants and attractions, maps of the area and weather forecasts.

Packing Pro – You won’t want to arrive at Playa without your swimsuit or camera. Let the Packing Pro app help you get organized with customizable lists for any vacation. Also, you can share or sync your lists over iCloud.

WordLens and TripLingo – WordLens and TripLingo can help fill in the gaps for individuals traveling to Mexico who don’t speak Spanish.

  • With more than 2,000 phrases in Spanish and a 10,000 word dictionary, TripLingo acts as your personal tutor. It’s available in 12 other languages with support for 19 more.
  • If you still aren’t able to decipher a sign while in Mexico, just point your phone’s camera at it and WordLens will translate the sign into English for you.

Currency – The Currency app can be used to convert today’s exchange rate from Mexican pesos to U.S. dollars. Use it while visiting Playa del Carmen when shopping or dining at restaurants that don’t accept U.S. dollars, or once you’ve returned home to find out exactly how many dollars your remaining pesos will bring.

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