Natural Parks of Mexico are the places where we get to mix with nature and head out on a getaway from a tiresome life. Mexico offers a variety of refreshing experiences through its natural parks that mend your sole and give you a fresh breath of air.

When you are a lover of nature and safety, then your first choice is Xplor Playa del Carmen as it is full of eponymous caverns having a flow of natural waterways along with the wood full of ancient trees over which you could enjoy with the zip paths. In Xplor Playa del Carmen caves have waterways full of aquatic life and they offer you the best experience of walking over the smooth stones with friends or family.

* Zip lines – When you have a desire to feel lighter like the birds in the sky, the best way to satisfy that desire is by zip-line riding in Xplor Playa del Carmen. In this park, seven zip-line ridings are offered even up to an astonishing height of 45 meters, where you could really fly like a baby bird in the sky in rays of sunlight reflecting on you from the intermittent clouds

* Amphibious Vehicle Ride – In the middle of the jungle with full of rough paths, natural river, and caves, one could love to go out in an eccentric ride of an amphibious vehicle.


To fly in the air, then swim over the water and ending it just like a swim of a fish in a natural pool of the river water is a crazy experience one would love to have. So, Xplor Mexico offers you hamacuatizaje to fulfill this wish of energetic minds with the group of same-minded companions in the pools of clear blue water.

Cavern walk

In Xplor Playa del Carmen, the pre-historic eponymous caves carved out of natural flowing water having stalactite and stalagmite offers you plenty of pleasures ranging from swimming in the natural waterways to spelunking with the friends. Xplor Playa del Carmen helps you making the best of the memories to tell reminiscence about the rafting that you have done in the cool caves of fresh water in the presence of intermittent sunrays from the light pores in the cavern.

Discover Xplor with Coco Beach Tours !

  • Round Trip Transportation
  • Park Admission Ticket
  • 2 zip-lines circuits
  • Underground rivers
  • Underground rafts

  • Amphibians vehicles
  • Hammock splash
  • Equipment
  • Unlimited meals & Snacks
  • Energy Smoothies and juices

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