Mexico, a border sharing country with America, offers a great deal to the tourists such as cultural diversity, exciting food, secret island escapes, its breathtaking deserts, and jungles. And it was one of the hottest tourist destinations of last year.

One of the secret Mexican islands is Isla Holbox in the Mexican state of Quintana Roo located in Yum Balam. It is a small island but it is the largest ecological reserve in Mexico and is quite rich in beauty outside busy city life with exotic marine life and bird life. Playa Holbox provides an opportunity to know its beautiful landscapes and soft sand beaches.

Discover a paradisiacal island

Here are some of the most popular things to do or places to visit which will make your stay even more worthwhile:

* Swimming with whale sharks—Most of the people take a tour Holbox to swim with sharks, whale sharks to be exact. Holbox being home to these mammoth creatures provides once in a lifetime experience.

* Street art – wandering in the streets of Holbox proves to be a just and exciting view with murals and artistic sceneries on the independent shops and restaurants and adds to the experience

* Catching sunsets – playa Holbox’s main stretch of beach is Northwest facing meaning you can easily nab a great seat for the show.

* Deep sea diving – with amazing instructors Holbox is a perfect place for adventure seeking travelers to try deep sea diving with exotic marine life

* Fishing and Birdwatching – with fishing one the main industry of the island it provides fishing enthusiasts an amazing opportunity and onboard Flemings and other birds also puts on a great show of nature.

* Kiteboarding – Holbox gives a perfect haven for kiteboarding lovers with regular winds all winter and with nearby schools with instructors it is also very great for beginners

* Food and cuisine – The food here centers on lobsters and sea life but it certainly does not ends there, restaurants provide an authentic Mexican food experience as one can hope.

Discover paradise in Holbox, where there is plenty for every kind of traveler. Begin the adventure and find the true nature unfold in front of you. There is plenty for everyone, from food to adventure to beautiful sceneries and soulful sunrises and sunsets. Holbox is a place to be for true nature lovers.

Yalahau Cenote

This beautiful Cenote is 30 minutes by boat from Holbox. Yalahau Cenote, a place with fresh water. This site was once the largest freshwater source for Holbox, but now it is the most beautiful tourist stop.

This cenote is a large natural pool with fresh water springs, surrounded by plants trees and shrubs. Stand on the gazebo here and you can appreciate all of this.

Island of passion

Located just 15 minutes from Isla Holbox is the Passion Island which happens to be a true tropical paradise, far from civilization and noise.

The entire atmosphere of this island is quite relaxing accompanied by beautiful landscape with palm trees, birds and soft sand. Here you can enjoy with your family and friends in front of the calm sea.

Discover Holbox, a paradisiac island !

  • All land and sea roundtrip transportation
  • Light breakfast
  • Certified tour guide
  • Yalahau lagoon
  • Bird Island

  • Pasion Island
  • Holbox Island
  • Regional food at a restaurant
  • 1 Beverage during lunch

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