Mexico is home to the best aquatic experiences. People from all around the world turn to the amazing Riviera Maya region and explore what lies within. Tourists with an interest in sea actives love paying a visit to this amazing country every now and then.

Because of this increased demand, the Mexican authorities have created giant reef reveres in the sea. These preserved reefs attract tourists and offer a heart touching experience. Through the Puerto Morelos snorkeling tours, you can dive deep into the sea and get to see the aquatic life in all its majesty.

The hub of these snorkeling adventures is Puerto Morelos—which is a town based on the Yucatan peninsula. Whether it is Puerto Morelos tour or Playa Del Carmen snorkeling tour, visitors have fallen in awe of the way things appear beneath the calmness of the sea.

Things to Look Forward to In Puerto Morelos

Puerto Morelos is famously known for its reef snorkeling tours, but as a visitor, you can break free and visit the following places:

* If you are a nature lover, visit the Jardin Botanico located just out of town to see some flora and fauna of the region.

* Sit in the mangroves for some classic bird watching.

* Wander in the streets and browse some shops around the square.

* There are some beautiful Cenotes you can visit in Puerto Morelos.

* You can join a sailing tour and head deep into the horizon.

* There are jungle spas which offer unique Mayan massage.

All the above actives pale to what the snorkeling adventure offers. Being able to hold one’s breath and enter into another medium is a soul-reviving experience.

The Snorkeling Experience

The city is home to two famous reef systems, the Great Mayan Reef and the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef. Let’s look at the experience a snorkel adventure offers to the visitors.

* The barrier reef is divided into two sections. In order to reach there, you have to pass through the soft seagrass of varying depths.

* You will find 65 coral species and 500 species of fish in the system.

* You’ll see some purple sea fans floating elegantly in the current.

* Flamingo tongue snails and gastropods will also ask for your attention when you dive deep.

* The fish in the Caribbean reefs are attractive. You can see sergeant major fish, grunt, butterfly fish, and parrotfish

While snorkeling, make sure you don’t end up touching the reefs as they have been well protected by the Mexican authorities for quite some time. Similarly, don’t cross the reef barrier as the water gets deeper which can be dangerous for you.

Beach Club

After the adventure, you can relax in any of the amazing beach clubs around. Lie back and think of the amazing experience you had while in the sea. Look over the Caribbean in an open bar and feel the beauty of nature.

Snorkel on one of the most incredible coral reefs in the world!

  • Round Trip Transportation
  • Snorkel in two different reefs
  • Guided tour
  • Small Groups

  • Traditional buffet
  • Beach club
  • All equipment required for activities
  • Prescription snorkeling mask available without cost

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