These days every tourist is heading towards Yucatan peninsula as it offers a variety of great experiences. The natural sites this country holds offer peace and serenity to its visitors. One such location is Bacalar Mexico.

Mexico’s Eastern coast holds the Bacalar Lagoon, which has been tipped as the Maldives of Mexico. Holding 7 shades of blue in one place, people who like to swim and relax love it here. On a mere two hours drive from Tulum, this location gives you a getaway from the other well-known tourist destinations.

Things To Do in Bacalar Lagoon

Bacalar lagoon has attracted many tourists from different regions. It is because of the variety of activates one can do on site. Here are some things you need to know in Bacalar Lagoon.

* The Mexican government has dubbed Bacalar as a magic town. This means that the site holds amazing cultural and natural experiences. The lagoon is present in the town and it has 7 shades of blue in one place. Take a swim and experience the water changing colors as you swim across.

* While in Bacalar lagoon, you can use a boat to roam about in the lake.

* Another great water activity to do in this lagoon is kayaking. There are several hotels that offer visitors with free guest kayaks to go for a tour whenever required.

* Bacalar is home to 17th-century Spanish fort. This fort comes with a museum and you can take a plunge in history while at Bacalar Lagoon.

Other than the above-mentioned activities, you can visit the three beautiful Cenotes that are in different directions from the lagoon. You must also try the amazing seafood that is cooked by the restaurants in the area.

Visit the Cenote Negro

You can visit this amazing cenote with a Kayak. The cenote is known for its black water and you’ll witness a sudden transition in the color when you are around it. This site holds a huge rope swing through which you can take a plunge into the water

Visit the Cenote Cocalitos

This Cenote is located around the lagoon. It is 90 meters deep and offers a great experience. Once you reach this cenote, you will see that the watercolors turns to dark blue. There are several stromatolitic structures around the Cenote that are delicate and should not be touched.

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