Mexico is mainly defined by its diverse cultural, traditional and social background. But in the more recent years with the advancement of technology and communication, Mexico’s visual beauty has crossed borders and is appreciated by every visitor. Mexico has beautiful landscapes which consist of islands, reefs and cenotes and much more.

El Cielo just close enough to Cozumel is the most scenic, serene white sand beach with clear water popular for snorkeling and photography. It is full of colorful corals, tropical fish and plenty of starfish. It is pretty much filled with starfish and makes your swimming even more divine. Usually, a Cozumel tour consists of a visit to El Cielo.

Activities to do in El Cielo

El Cielo is very popular among tourists and it has various things to offer and it can be very daunting to make a plan for the vacation, so here are some of the highlights of El Cielo to help you in this:

* Snorkeling – With clear water, white sand and plenty of fish there is no reason that this place would not offer Cozumel snorkeling tour. And in fact, this is the most prominent tourist attraction of El Cielo and Columbia Reef.

* Sailing – Cruising and drifting along the Caribbean coastline is a major part of the Mexican vacations. Take a view of breathtaking places on the Caribbean coast that cannot be viewed without a boat or such.

* Pirate Ship – There is plenty to explore on this reef like a pirate ship that was washed away on the shore is a spectacle to behold.

* Authentic Food – Restaurants and local food vendors here try to provide an authentic Mexican food experience. As food is an important aspect of experiencing a place to its core.

El Cielo and Columbia reef are very important parts of Cozumel visiting experience. Cozumel experience cannot be fulfilled to its fulfilled until these places have also been seen.

El Cielo

A gorgeous swimming area with shallow waters is best known for its starfish population. You will be amazed at the crystal clear sparkling blue water of Cozumel with visibility up to almost 200 feet. Drift effortlessly above and watch the marine world go by below you.

Columbia Reef

All of Cozumel reefs are considered a thing of beauty, but Columbia reef gives you the deep diving experience at its finest. This reef is a series of gigantic coral pinnacles, rock marked with caves, tunnels, and caverns.

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Tour Includes:

  • Colombia Reef and “El Cielo” starfish sanctuary
  • More than 20 services and attractions for free at P.M.
  • Ferry tickets to Cozumel
  • Certified snorkel guides
  • Domestic open bar
  • International buffet at Playa Mia
  • Pick up at your hotel (when applicable)

Pack your things:

  • Confortable clothing
  • Swimming suit
  • Shoes or Sandals
  • Biodegradable sunscreen
  • Cash or credit card for shopping
  • Extra Clothes
  • Sunglasses

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