DreamWorks Themed- Park in the Riviera Maya

PLAYA DEL CARMEN, MX.- The Secretaria de Medio Ambiente y Recursos Naturales (SEMARNAT) gave the green light to the billionaire project “Master Plan AMIKOO” which includes the construction of three hotels, two theme parks, one of them the DreamWorks Theme Park, with the characters of the production of children’s films like Shrek, Penguins of Madagascar and others; and a Museum of Anthropology

More than 3 trillion pesos will be invested

The investment planned for the development of this project is $ 3, 027, 008, 278, 562.00 pesos and will be built in two lots, totaling a total area of 1,150,524,101 square meters.

Since 2014, it was announced the interest to build this theme park, and it was not until August 2016 that the project was landed in the federal agency to be submitted to an environmental impact assessment.

This included a consultation and an informative public meeting so that the citizens present their doubts and/or arguments for and against.

The AMIKOO Master Plan project is a set of works or subprojects, which includes tourist and recreational activities.

For its realization the guideline was to develop a project that promotes the conservation and protection of the original natural environment, which in this project is represented by the scenic background of parks and hotels, respecting the topography of the terrain, running waters and – mainly – vegetation existing, according to the promoter, Operadora Turistica Turquesa.

There will also be a horror park

The Master Plan includes a Shopping Center, Dream Park, and Thrill Park; Adults, Grand Gala, and Maroma Beach; And the Museum of Anthropology and Maya Archeology “Maam”, as well as administrative offices, roads, a raised bridge and a ramp.

The lands where it is intended to be developed, had already been impacted previously in agricultural and livestock activities, therefore, will not be affected areas of mangrove, petén, or tular; and nor also the area of beaches that will be in the area, as is referred in the Manifestacion de Impacto Ambiental presented to Semarnat.

The federal agency granted a six-year period for the preparation of the ground; and 50 years for its exploitation.

This project will generate at least five thousand jobs; And in the park, an annual visit of 4.5 million visitors is foreseen.

by La Quinta Fuerza

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