Traveling to Mexico has never been more convenient than it is today. From luxury accommodations to Google Translator, your every need can be met as conveniently as when you’re at home. Even so, you are visiting a different country with a different culture, and there are things that every traveler should know and understand before they begin their beach vacation across the border.Here are a few tips you can review as you pack your bags:Do’s and Don’ts tips for traveling to Mexico

Do: Make a list of things you would like to do while you’re there.

Reading about fun things to do and see while on vacation is half the fun of taking a trip. It’s exciting to anticipate the places you’ll go while you’re there. It also helps to create a guide of items you should pack.

Do: Learn a little Spanish. A little Spanish and a friendly smile can go a long way towards easing your relations with locals.

Do: Take advantage of the fresh fruits and vegetables available. Mexico has a wide range of tropical fruits, and even a few vegetables, we don’t have here in the U.S. Take advantage of this and be adventurous in your sampling of fruit platters, smoothies and fresh fruit juice stands.

Don’t: Plan an overbooked or inflexible itinerary.

Don’t find yourself in the position where you need a vacation from your vacation. We recommend choosing just a few things that are “must sees” and then letting your mood, schedule, need for relaxation, conversations with locals, etc., direct you the rest of the way.

Don’t: Yell louder in English. If someone yelling loudly in Spanish doesn’t help you understand any better, we assure you that yelling louder in English won’t help them either.

Don’t: Drink the tap water. The microbes that live in most Mexican tap water are different than those in your native country, and this can cause your stomach to become upset. To be safe, stick to bottled water.

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