Mexican touring industry is often overshadowed by America but Mexicans are overcoming. as they have plenty to offer to the world such as cultural diversity, exciting food, secret island escapes, its breathtaking deserts, and jungles. And it was one of the hottest tourist destinations of last year.

During your Xenotes Park tour you get to experience all types of cenotes. Enjoy the natural environments perfectly adapted that get you in complete harmony with these baffling places. It doesn’t matter what type of traveler you are this Xenotes Park Cancun has something for you that will make your visit an adventurous one.

Adventures Here at Xenotes Park

Visiting a new place and planning for a day can be a hectic job in itself. And it can be even more difficult if you don’t know much about the adventures the place has to offer. So here are some of them to help you out;

* Zip-lining – Zip lines here at Xenotes Park take you from cliffs and into the ancient waters of open cenotes. These zip lines are enough to raise your adrenaline to the roof.

* Kayaking – Grab a kayak and paddle your way through the green waters of the ancient cenotes. Inspire yourself from the beautiful nature and undergo a once in a lifetime opportunity.

* Rappel – Discover the hidden world of a cavern by descending through an assisted rappel from the height of about 82 ft. Swim in the turquoise water of a cenote and liberate from normality.

* Snorkeling – Discover the underwater beauty of oasis Maya and swim with exclusive marine life here at these cenotes.

Xenotes park is a must-see spot for adventure and nature lovers. Xenotes Park offers a lot of different fun activities for adults as well as kids. It is also very popular among travelers who love soul searching and meditation.

Types of Cenotes

All four types of cenotes are listed with their special features

Cave Cenotes –Lu’um is such a type of cenote here at Xenotes. As it has surface entrance is narrower than the water surface diameter, assisted rappel is the only way to enter into the cenote or jumping into the water.

Basin Cenotes – Iik’ is one such kind of cenote here at Xenotes. And have a limited natural flow with the aquifer system. This cenote offers cliff jumping, zip-lining and swimming among the lilies.

Semi-Open Cenotes – Ha’, a semi-open cenote with the opening top the same as the cenote. This cenote here at cenotes offer kayaking, different marine, and floral life viewing.

Open Cenotes – Some big walls surrounding these otherwise open cenotes, such as K’AAK’ are completely covered with greenery and vegetation. Slide into the cenote or zip-line into it. And swim in green water and relax.

Discover All Types of Cenotes at Xenotes Park !

Tour Includes:

  • Caving expedition
  • Swim in cenotes
  • Rappel
  • Zip-line
  • Snorkel in cave
  • Mayan sensory ceremony

  • Certified Guide
  • Mexican cuisine
  • Mexican natural fruit drinks
  • Round Transportation
  • Equipment
  • Lockers & showers

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