The Contoy Island National Park is a protected natural bird sanctuary, both endemic and migratory area. As a base in the Caribbean Sea area also it serves as a center of courtship and nesting, which includes other ecosystems for its marine and terrestrial wealth.

The island’s name comes from two versions: one, that the word Contoy derived from the Mayan words Kom (bass) and to’oy (coat), terms that relate to the shallow waters surrounding the island and the optimum It is giving shelter to seafarers throughout the year. And the other version says that the word derives from the word he Pontus, which means pelican. The island has different species of pelicans, among the most noteworthy is the coffee.

Its geography is flat with some coastal dunes up to 12 meters high. South of the island is the Ixlaché reef, which marks the beginning of the second longest barrier reef in the world in the Great Mesoamerican Reef.

The renowned marine biologist, Frenchman Jacques-Yves Cousteau, was fascinated by its biodiversity; there in its waters filmed his documentary on immigration march lobster on the seabed. Various anecdotes are discovered in this Caribbean place.

Access to the park does not include the possibility to sleep, because the hours are from 9:00 to 16:00 hrs with a maximum of 200 people per day. Because it is a protected natural area, not a theme amusement park as exist in Quintana Roo, is mandatory and desirable to follow the instructions of the wardens to better enjoy the visit, safer and conserving the island, because it is a wild region. It is not allowed to use sunscreens or blockers to enter the sea, shout, play music, play ball, littering, eating out of the areas and feed, touch or take the fauna and terrestrial and marine flora, among other specifications.

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