Mexico offers a great deal to the tourists such as cultural diversity, exciting food, secret island escapes, its breathtaking deserts, and jungles. With all of this, combined with numerous touring spots and islands that tourists can visit, it is one of the hottest touring spots since the last couple of years.

Coba Maya is the center of the largest network of stone causeways of the ancient Mayan civilization. It contains many engraved and sculpted structures that document ceremonial and traditional life of early Mesocvilization. Coba tour Mexico gives a feeling of excitement to its explorers and this place resides a great calm in itself.

Adventures of the Coba

As it is widely known that Coba Maya is majorly famous for its archeological expeditions but it is not the only fun adventure this place offers, some of the fun adventures that can be done here are;

* Swimming in the cenotes – Many cenotes are located near the Coba Maya and are frequently visited by the tourists who visit Mayan ruins. Swim in the clear water of the cenotes and relax to your core.

* Zip-lining – Many of the cenotes offer zip-lining facility into the waters of cenotes. Colored waters and almost complete privacy gives you some time for soul searching on the side of fun and thrilling adventure.

* Explore the village of Coba – Village of Coba gives peaceful and relaxing vibes and offers a perspective on life in the countryside.

* Rappel – Cenotes in Coba offer a unique experience of rappelling into the cenotes where the individuals are descended into the cenotes via ropes. It is a fun adventure and adds thrill when a person is lowered for 17 ft.

Coba Maya, as provides informative and interesting stance on the Mayan culture it also has some fun and thrilling adventures to offer. And it makes the stay even more exciting and worthwhile.

Mayan Encounter

Coba Maya encounter is the way of the locals and the tour guides to show the tourists the method of Mayans. They not only take you to the jungle and also let you experience the Mayan way of living.

From their ways of making food, bathing and many other small things that make Mayans stand out in their culture everything is experienced by the tourist to try and relive the ways of Mayans.

Nohoch Mul

It is the highest Mayan pyramid in Coba Maya where visitors climb its 120 steps for the amazing view of the jungle. Being the tallest structure standing there this pyramid is the center of attention for all of the visitors.

Cenotes and ruins Tour at Coba !

Tour includes

  • Round transportation
  • Entrances to the archaeological areas
  • Visit Mayan Villages
  • Specialized guide

  • Swimming in cenote
  • Traditional food
  • Lockers, Towels
  • Required equipment

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