Celebrating Mother's Day in Playa del Carmen is not hard!

If you are in Playa del Carmen be sure, there will be plenty of places to visit, tour around and wonderful restaurants with spectacular culinary offers to choose from! We want to give you some tips of where to go and spend amazing time!

A Sensation in Playa del Carmen. Choose to enjoy the view of 5th avenue while savoring a frozen cocktail, be delighted by the greenery and hearts with air conditioning area or find yourself in a magical environment surrounded by dream catchers, tropical greenery, old leaf trees and underground cenotes. 

Aldea Corazón

Evass Culinary Sin

Evass the culinary sin, was born to create a space where coffee, warmth and good service come together. An avant-garde and versatile idea in food and beverages.

A menu with a fusion of traditional recipes and modern takes on the food. In addition to this, it is presented in fun and creative ways to make your experience memorable. Tip: Look for anything on the menu marked (FK Experience) for a special presentation.

Frida Kahlo

Bric Spa

Let your self-be taking care of by the amazing team of Bric Spa. With a menu of rich spa services, you can rest assured that nothing will touch your skin that is not 100% natural and organic herbs and plants you may have in your own home. Enjoy the aromatic scents as the therapist works her magic!

Exclusive spa located in the center of Playa del Carmen where all the elements meet to reflect the spirit of the Mayan Riviera. An intimate space with special visual effects of multiple colors that create an attractive environment, with a system of hydro jets to stimulate all the energy points of your body. Beginning with Head, Neck, Shoulders, Back, Legs and ending in Feet.

Soul Spa


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