Ultimate Guide: Beach Vacations with no sunburn!

Don’t let the sun ruin your vacations: 10 easy tips to take care of your skin during your vacations Coming to the Mexican Caribbean means having an amusing time under the sun and soaking up some rays on the beach, however, there are risks there regarding with your skin. Right here are a few particular [...]

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How to travel light with your baby ?

When you go on a trip, you generally have to make choices: Take only the useful with you? How many shorts? How many T-shirts? Will I still have room in my suitcase after putting all my wardrobe in it?... For young parents travelling with babies or young children, this is even more complicated. Indeed, even [...]

Celebrating Mother’s Day?

Celebrating Mother's Day in Playa del Carmen is not hard! If you are in Playa del Carmen be sure, there will be plenty of places to visit, tour around and wonderful restaurants with spectacular culinary offers to choose from! We want to give you some tips of where to go and spend amazing time! A [...]


Best gift for mom. A Vacation Package maybe?

FREE VACAY FOR MOM BOOKING ON ANY VACATION PACKAGE! The Riviera Maya has beautiful places to visit and this package will take you to the most amazing beach destinations with awesome activities to do! Visit one of the Modern World Wonders “Chichen Itza”, bike around Coba archaeological ruins and jump in the fresh waters of [...]

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Vacations On a Budget saving 40%!

CHEAP AND LUXURY VACATIONS CAN HAPPEN! We know that planning your vacations depends on different factors, some may be dates, destination, what you want to do and such but one of the most important things that will define the vacation will be the BUDGET you are willing to pay. It doesn't matter if you travel [...]

Uber, your transfer to any place with just a click

Uber, your transfer to any place with just a click

UBER Your transfer to any place with just a click!. Uber the new option in the Riviera Maya Certainly the times of the 60s, 90s already took them time, technology today is indispensable for anyone. The 90% of services are published on a page or in networks social in Internet. Our convenience and choice are […]

Uber is now Available in the Riviera Maya

Uber is now available in the Riviera Maya

Uber is now available in the Riviera Maya The riviera maya is the place where thousands of people as you, are planning to travel in their next holiday. If you have any questions on how to get to your hotel, condo or posada, we give you an excellent choice for your benefit. Uber, the platform of transport […]

What you need to know about car rental in Mexico

What you need to know about car rental in Mexico

What you need to know about car rental in Mexico Car rental is a safe and affordable option if you’re vacationing in Playa del Carmen for more than a few days and you want to explore all there is to see and do in our gorgeous city. However, there are things you’ll want to know to […]

Helpful phone apps for your trip to Mexico

 Helpful phone apps for your trip to Mexico Improvements in technology have certainly changed the ways we research and book our vacations. Now, smartphones have taken it a step further with apps specifically designed to assist travelers before and during their vacations. If you’re planning a trip to Playa del Carmen, here are some phone […]

The Do’s and Don’ts of Traveling to Mexico

The Do’s and Don’ts of traveling to Mexico

Traveling to Mexico has never been more convenient than it is today. From luxury accommodations to Google Translator, your every need can be met as conveniently as when you’re at home. Even so, you are visiting a different country with a different culture, and there are things that every traveler should know and understand before […]