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How to travel light with your baby ?

When you go on a trip, you generally have to make choices: Take only the useful with you? How many shorts? How many T-shirts? Will I still have room in my suitcase after putting all my wardrobe in it?... For young parents travelling with babies or young children, this is even more complicated. Indeed, even [...]

Tulum: Eco-chic city with a great investment potential

Decades ago just a small town, sleepy fishing village, Tulum has grown into Eco- Friendly, Chic and bohemian destination that welcomes people with a particular and sophisticated style. Tulum, recognized for its turquoise beaches, stunning sunsets, and ancient Mayan ruins, is one of the Top sought-after destinations in the world. Riviera Maya Growth Overview Mexico [...]

Riviera Maya – Sargasso Problem and Travel Options!

The huge arrival of Sargasso - an alga whose proliferation in current years is due to not known and clear motives - to the beaches of Mexico might be cataloged as an ecological catastrophe if a central agency is not installed to act, professionals Marta García and Brigitta Ine Van Tussenbroek warned. , of the Institute of Marine Sciences and Limnology of the national autonomous university of Mexico (UNAM). The researchers offered a video conference to the media from Puerto Morelos and they insisted [...]

Beach Club Ultimate Guide – Playa del Carmen

BEACH CLUB GUIDE PLAYA DEL CARMEN Playa del Carmen is so many things at the time, a world of people from around the world, one of the most welcoming cities in Mexico for expats, digital nomads and retired people coming from countries like Canada and United States, a vast diversity of culinary offers, a beach [...]

25 Most Beautiful Beaches according to Trip Advisor

The world is big and incredibly beautiful and we are amazed to read that a little piece of the Riviera Maya is between the 10 Top beach destinations.  Keep scrolling down so you find out which beautiful place is The Riviera Maya it is and to know the 25 Most Beautiful Beaches Around The World [...]

Rainy days won’t ruin your vacations in Playa del Carmen!

Don’t let the rainy days destroy your vacations! Most tourists who visit Playa del Carmen have surely planned their vacations for months, if not years ago in order to fully enjoy the Riviera Maya. As in any tropical climate, the rains in Playa del Carmen are very frequent, especially in the summer and in the […]


Healthier living by the beach?

People living by the Sea may be healthier! YES! This is all we want the science to tell us, WE NEED TO LIVE BY THE BEACH TO BE HEALTHIER! You all can start packing your suitcase and swimming suits because sees that living by the beach can actually be good for your health. The ocean […]

Riviera Maya Heavenly Islands

Riviera Maya Heavenly Islands

Riviera Maya Heavenly Islands for you! Playa del Carmen and The Riviera Maya are positioned in the TOP 10 rank of Best Tourism Destinations and this is not out of nowhere, the Mexican Caribbean captivates with its beautiful almost white sand beaches and turquoise sea impossible to take your eyes off. We love The Riviera [...]

Celebrating Mother’s Day?

Celebrating Mother's Day in Playa del Carmen is not hard! If you are in Playa del Carmen be sure, there will be plenty of places to visit, tour around and wonderful restaurants with spectacular culinary offers to choose from! We want to give you some tips of where to go and spend amazing time! A [...]


Best gift for mom. A Vacation Package maybe?

FREE VACAY FOR MOM BOOKING ON ANY VACATION PACKAGE! The Riviera Maya has beautiful places to visit and this package will take you to the most amazing beach destinations with awesome activities to do! Visit one of the Modern World Wonders “Chichen Itza”, bike around Coba archaeological ruins and jump in the fresh waters of [...]