Riviera Maya Heavenly Islands

Playa del Carmen and The Riviera Maya are positioned in the TOP 10 rank of Best Tourism Destinations and this is not out of nowhere, the Mexican Caribbean captivates with its beautiful almost white sand beaches and turquoise sea impossible to take your eyes off. We love The Riviera Maya and know we want to [...]

Celebrating Mother’s Day?

If you are in Playa del Carmen be sure, there will be plenty of places to visit, tour around and wonderful restaurants with spectacular culinary offers to choose from! We want to give you some tips of where to go and spend amazing time! A Sensation in Playa del Carmen. Choose to enjoy the view [...]


Best gift for mom’s!

FREE VACAY FOR MOM BOOKING ANY OF OUR VACATION PACKAGES! Beach & Sea Adventure Package The Riviera Maya has beautiful places to visit and this package will take you to the most amazing beach destinations with awesome activities to do! Archaeological Package Visit one of the Modern World Wonders “Chichen Itza”, bike around Coba archaeological [...]

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Vacations On a Budget saving 40%!

CHEAP AND LUXURY VACATIONS CAN HAPPEN! We know that planning your vacations depends on different factors, some may be dates, destination, what you want to do and such but one of the most important things that will define the vacation will be the BUDGET you are willing to pay. It doesn't matter if you travel [...]

Whale Shark Season Riviera Maya!

The Season of Whale Sharks will start soon in The Riviera Maya! During the months of Mid May to Mid September Whale sharks can be seen in the beautiful Caribbean Sea. You can't miss this wonderful spectacle so start planning your next adventure with us! Starting mid-May there is no best place in México to [...]

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Playa del Carmen Fun Easter

Happy Easter Weekend Everyone! Easter is strongly celebrated in México and Playa del Carmen is not the exception! It has a mix of traditions and party for all types of celebrations and here we leave a few things to do this amazing Easter Weekend! Easter Events! Easter Brunch at Casa Amate Celebrate Easter at Andaz [...]

Vacations Vacations Vacations!

Includes Round Private Transfer, Welcome Basket, 3 Adventure Excursions, a Discount Card, Free bike rental for 24 hours and a transferable discount coupon for future use in our services for more vacations. Join us in Playa del Carmen with a 7-night stay in one of our luxury beachfront properties for your next vacations. You and […]


Stress-Free in Playa del Carmen

Stress-Free in Playa del Carmen Today everyone feels stress and worries for so many responsibilities to face at work, with children, studies, economic situation and diseases. We can continue naming reasons and reasons that provoke stress in our body and discomfort but the key is finding a solution that will help us reach body and […]


“Evass” The Culinary Sin

Playa del Carmen has your new favorite restaurant! “Evass” The Culinary Sin – El Pecado Culinario, was born to create a space where coffee, food, warmth, good service and art come together to create an environment of excellent quality. Evass is an avant-garde and versatile idea in food and drinks, achieved by mixing some International dishes, […]

NFL Super Bowl LII

The World Paralyzes with NFL Super Bowl LII!

NFL Super Bowl LII On Sunday, February 4, the world of sports will be paralyzed for a few hours with one of the most important events in the world: NFL Super Bowl LII, the final of American Football. It will be in Minnesota and will face the New England Patriots, Tom Brady’s team and favorite […]