Today is a new day for us in the Riviera Maya. We were working with our team of Coco Beach Tours, when suddenly the phone rings and I get a call from an unknown person.
He introduced to me and started talking about a tour different from the others, a bike tour through the jungle. In my experience I thought I already knew almost all of the Riviera Maya Tours and excursions.
They invited me to make this journey and to be honest it caught my attention, and despite not being at my best fitness I accept the invitation of my friends.

The place to visit is about 25 minutes from Playa del Carmen. The map does not show that there is a park, just trees and a road that has no end . An uninhabited place on the outskirts of the city. I could not pass up the opportunity to go and see what is in this place. The meeting point is about 3 kilometers in Puerto Morelos, IN A road called “La Ruta de los Cenotes”.

We started this tour in the jungle with our guide, really funny by the way. Walking through this path, I found something new. The paths among trees, are truly amazing and easy to walk. We were in the middle of the jungle !. By going on the road with bicycles we realized we were not going alone, the jungle began to come alive, and we could see different animals since bicycles are not noisy. The sound of birds and animals that walk on this trail is amazing. After walking through the cracks in the jungle we stopped at a rural area with a beautiful view. We walked a little and came to a beautiful Cenote, turquoise water, is an open cenote and has platforms made of wood, are spectacular, as well as the zip lines .We approached the platform to give a jump in the cenote. The water seemed cold but turned out to be very refreshing for us, the feeling of throwing into the water and feel the adrenaline is unmatched.

We went up almost all platforms and believe me jumping is fabulous! you can jump as many times as you want and can decide if they want to jump from the highest or the lowest. That Cenote for us was an oasis where we could freshen from the particular heat of the Riviera Maya.

Later we came to a path that led us to a cave. It’s funny, I’ve known many caves but this the felt different, I had goose bumps, I felt a calmness of being in that place … makes you think of how wonderful nature is and everything that surrounds it. I take that feeling after leaving there.

To conclude this trip, we took the bikes and headed to where it all began.
It is a truly amazing experience! if you really want out something out of everyday life and forget the town this tour is the best choice for you.

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