Mexico is famous for the rich social and conventional foundation, but it is merely a contributing element of its magnificence. Mexico is loaded up with natural delight locales and islands that not many sightseers think about and natural life that can only be found here. Mexico keeps on amazing its visitors and has been the most loved place for them for the most recent years.

When looking for an outdoor adventure, Adventure Park at Selvatica Cancun just might be the answer. Selvatica Park is the world’s only Cancun that contains a roller coaster through the jungle and makes you feel flying through the trees and over many beautiful landscapes in the Cancun. With multiple adventure options available, live an extraordinary adventurous and fun vacation here and become a part of Selvatica legend.

Adrenaline filled adventures

Selvatica Park is filled with lots of fun activities and here are some of them you need to know before your visit;

  • Zip-lining – fly over the treetops and beautiful landscapes with 10 zip-line circuit. It is truly mind-bending experience. Feel like a superman flying through the jungle.
  • Bungee Swing – Raise your adrenaline with a leap of faith into the air and just bungee rope tied to your feet. Experience the most famous attraction of the park and swing to your heart’s content.
  • Snorkeling – Go deep into the blue waters of the Caribbean Sea and discover the most beautiful and alive reef in the world. Spot colorful and vibrant corals and amazing marine wildlife whilst swimming alongside them.
  • Off-road ventures – in the off-road circuit, ride an off-road vehicle through tight turns and fast straight-aways on the mud-madness track. Selvatica Cancun is also famous as an ATV Cancun because of this perfect blend of Fast and furious and the dose of fun.

Other than all of which is mentioned above there are multiple cenotes with crystal clear water to swim and many other cool and fun adventures to explore and experience.

Discover Selvatica, a great adventure Park !

Tour Includes:

  • Round Trip Transportation
  • Park Admissions
  • Fly around the 8 Zip line circuit
  • Tanzania Zip line roller coaster
  • RZR buggy or ATV
  • Bungee swing

  • Adventure center
  • Aerial bridges
  • Swim in two cenotes
  • Light Lunch and Soft Drinks
  • Certified guide
  • Snorkel Gear

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