Mexico is one of the most popular places to visit since last year and its visitors never seem to disappoint on their visit. Mexico offers diversity in its culture, traditions and beautiful locations that are so beautiful and neatly preserved by the officials.

Rio Secreto is unlike any other cenote you will ever encounter. It is the Mayan River’s newest cenote, being discovered only seven years ago, and it has already been designated one of Mexico’s most distinct natural reserve.

Adventures of Rio Secreto

Rio Secreto playa Del Carmen is the longest cenote of the Riviera Maya belt with almost 12 km inside the cave to explore. So here are some of the fun activities to do while exploring the cave;

* Room Of Peace – Enjoy a spectacular show of light and sound projected on the natural formations of the walls of the caves.

* Discover plant Species – Rio Secreto Island is home to many unique plants and floral species. Be closer to nature and rediscover your inner peace.

* Swimming in the Cenote – Swim inside the cenote and enjoy the sunlight coming through the spaces on the ground and forming interesting shapes every time it hits the wall of the cenote.

* Snorkeling – This cenote with all of the other fun stuff also has beautiful crystal clear water. And there is also an option to snorkel alongside some of the marine life that lives down there.

Rio Secreto gives the visitors an experience that they will keep with them forever. With beautiful geological formations inside the cave gives a visual tour of the changes that earth went through over the years.

Rio Secreto a Natural Reserve

Rio Secreto is a wonder of nature with its tunnels, underground channels, caverns and such amazingly beautiful scenes one cannot imagine a cave can hold. The operators of Rio Secreto have done an amazing job preserving the nature here inside the cave.

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Tour Includes:

  • Round Trip Transportation
  • Park Admission
  • Cavern Expedition

  • Neoprene and water shoes
  • Swim in underground river
  • Mexican Food and Drinks

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