No dejes que el sol arruine tus vacaciones:

10 easy tips to take care of your skin during your vacations

Coming to the Mexican Caribbean means having an amusing time under the sun and soaking up some rays on the beach, however, there are risks there regarding with your skin. Right here are a few particular recommendations to help you adjust to the specific sunlight here in addition to the heat so you can take suitable care of your pores and skin. We will get into points that will help you out dealing with the sun.

The sun and your skin by the beach

It is sunny in Playa Del Carmen and in reality, we’ve got high UV indexes here pretty much most of the year. Being informed about the UV index is crucial in understanding how dangerous it could be for your skin. as an example, the index starts at zero and goes to 11+. We do get an index of 11 in Playa Del Carmen that can imply that you can burn very easily and it this causes damages to your eyes too.

To show you an example of the suns energy, someone with light skin and no tan will burn in about a half-hour at UV6 without sunscreen protection and at UV12 it’s going to worst taking only 15 minutes. So double the UV range and 1/2 the time to burn. With the index being excessive most of the 12 months in Playa, the majority will begin to burn in less than 25 minutes with when 0 sun protection.

Ultimate Guide: Beach Vacations with no sunburn!

So what to do in Playa Del Carmen to avoid a horrible and painful burn and still enjoy the time outside?

We are not going to tell you all the normal things about carrying sunscreen due to the fact is that is a personal decision. Some do some don’t and there’s also controversy over components and effectiveness so we will come up with practical things that are precise answers to Playa Del Carmen.

1. Be prepared: All Themed- Parks and cenotes require you to use biodegradable sunscreen if you put on any at all. if you need some for your tour you can buy both there. The Eco Parks or Themed-Parks commonly have a store to get all items you might need

2. Visit the beach as earlier as possible. You’ll get the first-class beach chairs and umbrellas to chill no waiting line required if you go to a beach club, if you go to the public beach you”ll get the best quiet spots. Then go take a refreshing jump in the water, eat out at a restaurant or walk around 5th Avenue.

3. Get access or membership to a beach club. Facing the Mexican Caribbean these cool places have chairs with umbrellas or sunbeds right at the beach. This will preserve you cool and shaded at the same time as you enjoy the seashore.

4. Carry an umbrella while taking walks around. Don’t assume you will look stupid because locals do it as well. Bringing an umbrella on excursion makes you prepared for rain and the sun. Not very effective to keep you cool but it protects your neck and faces extra than a hat.

5. Walk on the right side of the street.  this might sound simple but think about it. if you stroll even at the shady aspect half of the time this is 1/2 the sun you’re taking. Many locals do this.

6. Sunnies, Sunglasses, Eyewear.  Glasses that cover your eyes and are dark enough to allow you now not to squint within the bright light. Don’t buy cheap glasses, your eyes are critical!

7. Bring light clothing that have long sleeves. Doesn’t really matter where are you going, if you have sensitive skin this little trick will do wonders. It is very common to get sunburns when taking tours such as Chichen Itza, Coba Ruins, Snorkel etc.

8. Wear a fancy hat. Hats are available all along on 5th avenue for approximately a price of 10 USD. Make sure you choose a hat made by the most natural elements like palm leaves, natural fibers and such.  Hats made of a more plastic origin can be covered with paint and be hotter sometimes cause rash, irritation and be really uncomfortable.

9. Forecast or Meteo updates. Make sure you at least every 2 days check the Forecast to know the peak temperatures of the day. This also will help with planning your days ahead in case rain is coming!

10. Knowledge is power. If you have sensitive skin and you don’t really tolerate heavy hot weather SUMMER in Playa del Carmen is not right for you!

¡Ouch! ¿Ya te quemaste con el sol y estás buscando un tratamiento o algo que pueda aliviar la quemadura y el dolor?


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